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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stardust shooting ended

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~ 15th July 2008 ~

聽聞今天是"星心的淚光"殺青的日子 Heard that the Starlit shoot ended today
剛剛知道下午殺青後 Just knew that it was the shoot was completed this afternoon
Jerry和林導擁抱時忍不住紅了眼眶 When Jerry and Director Lin hugged, he was holding back tears in his eyes
他硬ㄍ一ㄥ著沒讓眼淚流下來 He controlled himself and did not tear
這幾個月趕拍的日子 These months of non-stop filming
他一定感觸很深 He must have felt it the most
沒能去現場給他加油 Wasn’t able to go and cheer him on personally
真的覺得遺憾 I really feel bad about it

從拍攝 "籃球火" 到"星心的淚光" 殺青的這段期間 From ‘Hot Shot’ till the end of filming ‘Starlit’
他手也撞腫了還撞傷頸部 His hand was swollen and he hurt his neck
牙齦發炎 褲子也越來越鬆 His teeth was infected and his pants were getting looser
但是他總是不吭一聲 Yet he didn’t say a word
就是要做到最好 All he wanted was to do his best
加上還不停有很多莫名的抹黑指控 Furthermore those incessant ridiculous accusations
和不實的報料傳言 False reports and rumours
真的讓我們非常的心疼 All have caused us our hearts to ache so
他一直就是拼了命的在努力 He has always done his utmost to give his all
單純想把戲拍好 Just simply wanted to act well
咬牙硬撐 埋頭苦幹 Bit his lips and kept on working
卻不會幫自己辯解的傻小子 Yet we can’t help this silly guy who can’t defend himself

藉由有旭迷在SJ開的帖 " 賀! 星心的淚光順利殺青!"
A fan started this post at SJ “Wishing Starlit Smooth Sailing for the End of Shoot”
不管是要祝賀 加油 鼓勵 還是花痴的 Whether we are just wishing, cheering him on, supporting or just being HC
希望大家都去跟Jerry說說話 Hope that all of us can leave our messages for Jerry
他常常都唸著要旭迷去留言給他 He often reminds us to leave messages for him
戲拍完之後的空檔 Since he is free after the shoot
他一定會上網看到的喔 He will definitely go online to have a look

~ End of 15th July 2008 ~

Sigh, how can i leave my message? I must renew my membership first. bwahahaha!

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