Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Link Up at Tao Yuan Airport ~ 16th Nov 2008

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買菜阿桑沖沖回到家 Ah Sang rushed home after buying veggies
剛收到小米的電話 Got a call from Xiao Mi
她們鋼已經送完機 They have already sent Jerry off
旭已經入閘 Jerry has gone into immigration
有4個女助理隨行 There are 4 female assistants
(粉妮,克莉絲汀,日文翻譯,1不知名人)(Fenny, Christine, Japanese Translator and an unknown)
沒見到小丘 Didn’t see Xiao Qiu

旭今天戴黑色棒球帽 Jerry is wearing a black baseball cap
穿了在sj 拆禮物,粉絲送的那件白色連帽的a/f外套
Wore the white hooded Abercrombie & Fitch sweater that was shown on the SJ video when he unwrapped the presents
墨綠色多袋褲 Dark green cargo pants
大頭鞋 Boots

心情很好...多多微笑 Very good mood and smiles all the way
Heard that some Japanese fans especially flew to Taiwan to be with him on the same flight
還有,,今天送機很多人 Many came to send him off
還有豆導,林依晨都先進去 Director Dou and Ms Lin Yi Chen have arrived
旭是最後到.. Jerry is the last
粉妮去接旭下車 And the fans have gone over to see him alight from the car
Heard that there were reporters going along too but the fans didn’t see any

( 日本时间12:30 ) Japan Time 12:30
听说飞机降落成田机场了 Heard that the plane landed at Narita Airport
Jerry一路上一直在睡觉 Jerry was sleeping all the way
飞机停了 还在睡 ...( 传说中的赖床? 不不不 是赖机 )
Even when the plane landed, he was still sleeping (the legendary ‘can’t get out of bed’? No, no, no, it should be the plane)
有看到一家日本媒体到场了 Saw a Japan media crew arriving
机场工作人员刚刚有出来帮忙收礼物喔 The personnel at the Airport were helping to carry gifts just now

说等等会放到Jerry的车子上 Said that they will put them into Jerry’s car later
粉丝继续排队中... Fans are continuing to queue

剛跟若綸通過電話 Just got off the phone with Ruo Lun
她說現場太多人了 She said that there are many here
機場管理人員要她們到外面排隊 The Airport personnel wants them to queue up
因為人數太多,說現在大約有1000人 As there are too many people, about 1000 or so
排隊的把機場外都圍一圈了 The queue extended one whole round outside the Airport
而且現在日本正在下雨 It is raining now in Japan
I’m getting worried if they can see Jerry when they are on the outside
她說放心, 等下會再讓她們進去的 She said not to worry as they will be allowed in later on
現在進到裡面去 They are going in now

跟YUKI聯絡 Contacted Yuki
她說,現在都進去了She said that they are going in now
通道上滿滿的人 The passageway is filled with people
大家都被安排好位置不能走動 Everyone is allocated a place and cannot move around
現在有一家媒體在拍現場的日本旭迷 A TV crew is shooting the Japanese fans
Everyone hurriedly takes out their plague cards for them to shoot

若綸電話 Ruo Lun called
她說馬上傳照片給我 She said that she will send me the photos
阿旭己出來,跟在台灣送機時一樣的衣服 Jerry came out and is wearing the same as that at the Tao Yuan Airport

有戴帽 Wearing a hat
因為是手機傳照片,所以應該會比較小 As the shots are from the phone so it should be smaller
YUKI說 Yuki said
她回家後會把照片貼上來的 She will post them when she gets home
大家期待哦 Just wait for that, everyone

匯報一下剛才日本機場情況 Reporting about the scenario at the Japan Airport
剛跟若綸和yuki通過電話 Ruo Lun and Yuki called
她們還在花痴中 They are still HCing {H=Hua 花C=Ci 痴 ie man crazy in Chinese}
電話裡傳來日本姐妹的笑聲 I could hear the Japanese gals’ laughter on the phone
阿旭這次出來時走的很慢很慢 When Jerry came out, he walked very slowly
慢到要走5分鐘 He took about 5 mins
阿旭心情特好 Jerry is in a great mood today
全程都笑的好開心 He was smiling all the way

日本姐妹好認真的數過了 The Japanese gals did a very careful count
一共有四次飛吻 He blew a total of 4 kisses
還不時揮手 Kept waving his hand

阿旭還走到日本旭迷的前面 Then he walked in front of the Japanese fans
然後自己轉身給媒體拍照片 And turned around to have the media take his photo
後來他自己覺得有些不好意思 Then he felt a little embarressed
就再把豆導和林小姐拉過來一起拍照 And he pulled Director Dou and Miss Lin for a shot

Yuki said that Jerry was like the host taking care of Director Dou and Miss Lin
這裡要說一下 Something to tell all of you
原來阿旭走到旭迷前的那一群旭迷 When Jerry walked to the front of the fans
當好是yuki坐在第一排 Yuki was in the front row
yuki說她幾乎可以伸手點到阿旭的背She said that she could almost reach out to touch his back
好幸福的yuki Yuki is so lucky

再說到,出來時候是林小姐先出來的 Miss Lin came out first
然後再阿旭走出來 Then Jerry walked out
因為阿旭走的很慢,自己也不好意思 He was embarrassed and walked very slowly
再把林小姐也拉回來一起走 Then he pulled Miss Lin backwards and they walked together
好像沒有看到fenny一起出來 Fenny didn’t come out together
但來了一些台灣媒體,跟著阿旭拍照 But the Taiwanese media took photos of Jerry

若綸和yuki再三強調 Ruo Lun and Yuki emphasized that
阿旭今天超開心 Jerry is in a very good mood today
日本朋友也超滿意,大家都好開心 The Japanese fans are so happy and everyone as well

另外Another report
剛接到香港朋友的電話 Just got a call from a Hong Kong fan
原來她們去了台灣送機剛回來 They just returned from Taiwan
是在禁區送機的Send him off in the Restricted Area
禁區約有10位旭迷送阿旭 There were about 10 fans there
阿旭全程精神非常好 Jerry was very energetic throughout
全程笑哈哈 Laughing all the way

一路上,對旭迷的問話都有回應 Along the way, he answered all the fans’ questions
一直走到要上機的閘口 Up till he boarded the plane
阿旭跟每位旭迷拜拜 Jerry said bye bye to every fan
然後再走進幾步 Then he took a few steps
又再轉身跟送機的朋友躹躬拜拜 Turned around and said bye bye to the fans
Heard that Jerry’s workmates were also laughing all the way

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