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Friday, January 2, 2009

'Double J' onstage together? Jay Chou supports Jerry Yan

source: Liberty Times
translated by: Sarah @

Jerry Yan has joined Jay Chou’s management company JVR’s first work ‘Starlit’ and this will air later this month on PTS. Outside rumours suggest that at the press conference, Jay will personally attend, ‘Double J’ making appearance together; indeed is attracting a lot of interest.

'Starlit' press conference to be held on Jay Chou's birthday

Upcoming idol drama ‘Starlit’ starring Jerry Yan, Terri Kwan and Alice Tseng will air on the 24th of January. The press conference will be held approximately one week before that, currently is set as the 18th of January. Coincidentally, that day will be Jay Chou’s birthday, and since this drama is also JVR’s first work, outside rumours suggest that the production crew is persevering to get ‘Double J’ on the same stage, so to ‘bless’ the drama.

Jerry likes to play ‘surprise’; at every promotional event, noone knows whether he will really appear or not, and ‘Starlit’ is not an exception. Jerry’s manager Fenny expressed: “We’ve freed up that day, but is not confirmed.” And will Jay really attend? Fenny laughed saying that they have to wait till the date is confirmed before they do any follow-up arrangements.

Jerry’s 32nd birthday; receives presents from around the world

2009 New Year’s Day is also Jerry 32nd birthday. Jerry says his birthday wish is that he “hopes his family and friends will be in good health.” He, who doesn’t have the habit of celebrating his birthday, this year spent his birthday in the recording studio, doing preparations for his new album. However, at night he will go to eat dinner with his mother. Although there’s no celebration, Jerry’s fans from around the world had long prepared their birthday gifts. Earlier, Jerry mentioned he likes to eat soba noodles, so Japanese fans specially sent a box of soba noodles to JVR. Korean fans like to give ginseng, Chinese fans gave him herbal medicine, Hong Kong fans bought a full-page advertisement in the paper to wish him happy birthday. Fans from all over the world also raised 300,000NT to donate to World Vision, specially for Jerry’s birthday, indeed giving their idol a lot of face!

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