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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Skip Beat stops filming, Jerry expresses regret

Skip Beat stops filming, Jerry expresses regret

Yesterday GTV announced, "Skip Beat" which have been in preparation for more than 2 years and initially planned to begin filming today will be indefinately postponed. The drama is a co-operation by Taiwan and Japan, and due to changes in top management in the Japanese company, there need to be changes in the script. GTV spent an estimated figure of more than NT$10 million for preparation and planning, will go down the drain.

Production crew and cast are shocked about Skip Beat's halt. Yesterday, when GTV announced the news to the media, Producer Wang Xin Gui was busy informing the cast. GTV crew said when Director Niu Cheng Ze was informed of the news, his 1st sentence was: "This is a farce".

There are reasons for the director to say so. The drama faced many issues since preparation. Firstly, the 2nd male lead Zheng Yuan Chang declined to act, then Director changed from Director Qu You Ning to Director Niu Cheng Ze . Last November, GTV brought media, cast and crew to Japan for press conference. As the role for 2nd male lead have not been cast, filming had to be postponed from last July to January this year. Thus, Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin had to reject other jobs and adjust their schedule.

The shocking part is, the reason for change in Japan company top management was because of the chaotic situation at the airport when they were in Japan for press conference. Ariel Lin had passed through immigrations but was asked to go through it again. Japanese side were asked to write statement of repentance, resulting in stepping down of the Japan top management.

Yesterday, Ariel Lin's manager expressed, Ariel feels it is a pity. But as it is sudden, they will visit GTV with producer to understand more about the situation.

Jerry's manager Fenny expressed, Jerry likes the script very much. So he feels regret, as to whether there is a chance to film or if he will still act in it, depends on his schedule then.

Source: 8 Jan 2009

credits to Michi @ OnlyF4

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