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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 8, 2009 - Liberty Times

Jan 8, 2009 - Liberty Times
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It was reported that the project Skipbeat is on hold. Because of Skip Beat, Yan Cheng Xu has rejected 5 other drama projects and GTV has put in over 10 millions of money.

Skip Beat has been through a lot of obstacles, including changing the director, rumor of Yan Cheng Xu's changing the script, one of original cast, Joe Cheng, withdrawing from the project, and now production on hold.

According to source, as the Japanese has larger share of investment, they have the say. As recently, there are personnel changes in the Japanese side, the new Executive Producer has some problems with the script, that's why he ordered to put the project on hold.

In this project, GTV has put in over 10 millions of money. Regardless, it has informed the team and cast to reschedule another time period for the possible future production.

On the other hand, actors have lost a lot as well. For instance, other than spending time to take classes for Skip Beat, Yan Cheng Xu has rejected 5 other drama projects, and he is estimated to have lost 40 millions. Jerry's agent, Fenny, indicates, "Skip Beat's script is really good. Everyone is looking forward to it. Now it's forced to be on hold. There is really no much we can do." Yesterday, after knowing the project's being on hold, someone suggested to Jerry to look for a love relationship. As busy as him, it is not easy have a 3-month break.

Ariel indicates that finally she has a chance to work with Jerry and now the project is on hold. There is nothing she can do except waiting for the later development.


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Interchannel (the Japanese company that was supposed to invest in EC) announced yesterday on its homepage -
About reports on the postponement of "Extravagant Challenge" filming
Japan-Taiwan collaboration drama "Extravagant Challenge~Skip Beat!~" has not yet started filming at this point (Jan9). News of filming postponement has been reported on the internet and so on, and we are currently investigating how these publications came about. The publications are not based on the decision and judgement of our company."

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