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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jerry Yan's new dramas unable to go ahead; loses $5million due to his over-critical nature

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Jerry Yan has king status in the idol drama world, and his contracts have never stopped. However, he is famous for his ‘turtle feathers’ personality and this has stopped him from making a breakthrough. Even his rumoured girlfriend Lin Zhi Ling has stepped onto the international stage due to whereas he is unable to re-board that peak. In particular, 3 recent idol dramas all have had their eyes on him but he’s missed out again and again. Not only does he lose a pay of $5million yuan, he’s also given the opportunity to Wu Zun, Tender Huang etc.

Last year in November, at a promotional event in Japan, Jerry said: “I’ve felt like I’ve gone down, I’m not good enough.” It seems that even he himself has recognised his future career concerns. According to sources, he once considered whether to accept a drama or not for 11 whole months, and he will request to make changes to the script, even the director, other actors has to get his approval. Although he insists on perfection, his over-critical nature has actually hugely restricted him.

and set their eyes on him at almost the same time, and he considered for a long time. To avoid the problem of filming 2 dramas at the same time, and affecting his overall performance, he gave up and chose to collaborate with Ariel Lin in . In the end, chose star Tender Huang to take over.

However, although Jerry accepted , the drama faced script problems from the Japanese investment side and has now halted filming. There are even rumours that suggest if the drama goes ahead in the future, the male lead might be changed to Wu Zun. Other than this, SETTV’s latest dramas and have both achieved good results, and the following drama is also highly anticipated. The female lead is confirmed to be Joe Chen, and the drama crew previously invited Jerry to be the male lead, but after negotiating for a long time, in the end it did not work out. Afterall, Jerry and SETTV both have quite strong opinions.

His pay for one episode is approximately $10,000USD ($350,000NT) and he’s missed out on a total of $5million for 15 episodes. Yesterday, Jerry’s manager Fenny expressed: “Because has stopped, we’ve approached a new job; if it goes ahead in the future, we will do our best to co-operate with the schedule.” Regarding Tender Huang taking up , his management company expressed: “Currently under discussion, but nothing has been confirmed yet.” As for , GTV expressed that the resumption date for filming has not even been set yet, not to mention lead changes.

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