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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ariel Lin withdraws from acting in Extravagant Challenge; manager angry about unfair treatment

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Ariel Lin withdraws from acting in Extravagant Challenge; manager angry about unfair treatment

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Same as the above article, similar article was released by China Times on Mar 12 with the headline, "Huang Teng Hao took over Paper Rose and became the No. 1 idol"

It's obvious that this article was once again using Yan Cheng Xu to promote Huang Teng Hao and Paper Rose, whose production is GTV. In the article, it mentioned that it's confirmed that Huang Teng Hao will take over Paper Rose from the No. 1 place, Yan Cheng Xu. As Yan Cheng Xu rejected this project, he has lost over NT5 millions talent fee with his NT350000 per episode. Now by using the cheaper Huang Teng Hao, it has saved the production quite a bit of production fee. For Yan Cheng Xu, he has nothing to do recently that he even played wargame with Zhu Fan Gang who was once involved in a marijuana case.

As Yan Cheng Xu was giving up Paper Rose, it was also rumored that his role in Skipbeat would be replaced by Wu Zun. According to news, Skipbeat will resume it's filming in June at the earliest. After Huang Teng Hao took over the No. 1 seat, he took it easy, when he has received a lot of offers for endorsement already.

Agree with other sisters that the concepts of the one who released this article are funny. Just because Huang Teng Hao "took over" a drama project from Yan Cheng Xu, who is the the No. 1 seat, then Huang became the No. 1 seat as well? When YCX rejects a project, it's him who loses the money, and the production company can save a big sum of money, then why didn't mention how much the production would lose by not able to sell overseas copyrights in high price?

Wonder whether you still remember a piece of news about the initial cast of Paper Rose? At the beginning, the female lead was Ariel Lin, and Ariel's agent wanted to introduce Ariel's little brother in the same agency, Zhang Rui Jia, to be the male lead, but GTV, the production company of this drama couldn't decide, and wanted to invite Jerry as the main lead. All along, Jerry has not promised anything or shown any interest. Now, the male lead has changed to Huang Teng Hao, who belongs to another agency. This piece of information is directly related to the information reported by another news article released by China Times on Mar 13 about Skip Beat.

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