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Friday, March 20, 2009

Jerry ~ Letting Go of Idol Baggage? U Weekly #171 16th March 2009

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Jerry ~ 擺脫偶像包袱﹖U 週刊 #171 16/3/09
Jerry ~ Letting Go of Idol Baggage? U Weekly #171 16th March 2009

如行9年﹐言承旭Jerry不同於一般藝人的高調宣傳﹐他的話始終不多﹐言談的內容和方向也多有選擇﹐為了這次意在新加坡上檔的{ 心星的淚光 }偶像劇﹐Jerry“破例”首開心胸﹐談工作﹑話未來﹐來段真誠的心情物語。他說﹕“談些無關痛痒的事情蠻無趣﹐希望自己每句話﹑每個動作﹐都可以讓大 家看到我的努力﹐看到不同時期下的言承旭﹗”
Jerry Yan has already been in this line for 9 years yet unlike other showy artistes, he still says very little. He is also selective about the contents and bearing of his words. As his Idol Drama {Starlit} will be airing in Singapore, he made an exception and spoke openly about his work. How about some words of sincerity from his heart? He said, ‘It’s rather meaningless to talk about nitty-gritties. I hope that everyone can see my hard work in every word I say and every action that I do. To be able to see Jerry Yan at different stages of my Life.’

[TEXT : Jason (台灣特約記者)@台北專訪 PHOTO ﹕傑邁創意 (台灣)]
[TEXT : Jason (Taiwan Special Reporter) @Taipei Exclusive PHOTO : Jie Mai Creativity (Taiwan)]

重視新劇 Values New Serial Highly
Jerry求好心切﹐2009年開年之作{ 心星的淚光 }在台播出後回響甚佳﹐海外播出版權也都順利賣出﹐這讓“暴龍”龍心大悅﹕“我不敢說這部戲是我最好的作品﹐但是﹐我的投入和對這部戲的期許﹐都比以往的 作品來的更讓我重視﹐因為這是所有工作人員一起努力完成的成果﹐希望我的粉絲我的觀眾﹐都能看到不同以往的我﹐也進一步去喜歡這部戲。”
Jerry has always had high expectations of himself. At the start of 2009 when {Starlit} was aired in Taiwan, it had excellent response. Overseas rights to the serial were also successfully snapped up. So “Bao Long” is elated, “I can’t say this is my best work but I really did put in my best and had expectations for it to do well. It mattered more to me than my previous serials, as it is also the result of all the hard work of the entire crew. I hope that my fans and audience can see a ‘different me’ as compared to before and also to enjoy the serial even more.”

因為重視﹐Jerry格外在乎對戲的要求﹐即便在拍戲時罹患口腔蜂窩性組織炎﹐他依舊忍痛抱病演出﹕“生病的時候工作的確格外辛苦﹐因為吃不下太多東西﹐ 整個人瘦了一圈﹐身體極度的不舒服﹐可是﹐如果我因為身體不舒服就不拍﹐那對整個組劇的組員來說是很不公平﹐不能因我的個人因素影響拍攝進度﹐想到有這麼 多人替我擔心之外還要堅守崗位﹐再怎樣我也不能喊休息﹐忍着痛把該趕上的進度給趕齊。我想﹐在很多時候意志力會勝過身體的痛﹐我在內心告訴自己絕對可以勝 任的﹐這個信念終於讓我戰勝病魔﹗”
As he values the serial highly, he has high expectations. Even when he had *phlegmon of the oral cavity during filming, he beared with the pain and pushed on. “It was really hard to shoot when one is sick. I can’t eat much and really lost a lot of weight. I was feeling so unwell but I can stop the shoot because of that. It’s really unfair to the entire crew. I can’t affect everyone’s progress because of my personal reasons. When I thought of their concerned about me and also at the same time wanting to do their job, I simply can’t rest no matter what. So I just beared with the pain and carried on. I think many a time, I overcame my physical pain with sheer will power. I kept telling myself - I definitely can overcome this. It was with this very thought that I finally won the battle with illness.”

* phlegmon Acute suppurative inflammation affecting the subcutaneous connective tissue.

身體的痛﹐Jerry咬牙苦撐﹐對於因為劇情所需要有的情境﹐他也是量力而為。像是在{心}中他飾演一位鋼琴家﹐他就有另一種的新挑戰﹕“我在劇中飾演一 位天才鋼琴家﹐為了詮釋好這個角色﹐安排了老師教導我彈奏鋼琴技巧﹐只是‘程岳’(Jerry在劇中的角色名字)的鋼琴彈奏技巧實在太厲害了﹐所以在表演 鋼琴彈奏曲目時﹐並不是真的實際派上用場﹐只是讓我可以更投入鋼琴時的氛圍﹐更能把‘程岳’的角色給顯現出來。”
He was in pain yet he pressed on and he also did his best when it came to what was needed in the scenes as well. In {Starlit} he played a pianist and to him it is another challenge. “I play a genius pianist. A teacher was arranged to teach me piano playing techniques for the role. But Cheng Yue is such an outstanding player that what I’ve learnt isn’t of any use in the end. But it did help me get into the atmosphere of piano playing and I was able to show more of ‘Cheng Yue’ as a character.”

~ To be Continued ~

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