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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9/23 - TW Next Magazine

9/23 - TW Next Magazine

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According to TW Next Magazine, Jerry and his assistant was spotted in the hospital, as his face and head hit the car door when the extra tried to push him into a car when filming a scene of his being kidnapped during the last day of filming.  That's why after the filming finished, Jerry saw the doctor later.  When seen at the hospital, according to the reporter, Jerry looked pretty tan and skinny. 

Although the filming of DWL is seriously delayed, Jerry didn't ask for overtime fee.  However, when Yang Jun Rong came back from LA after accompanying Jay and he tried to fight for Jerry's benefits, the production team replied with a thank for Jerry's maximum cooperation, so the direction can film the drama with the best quality.  Because of the serious delay, Jerry even turned down the invitations from famous brands, such as Gucci, Piaget, etc..., and the guest had become ZZ instead. 

DWL's executive producer confirmed that Jerry was injuried during filming.  She also said that Jerry has keratitis and she really thanked Jerry for his effort and contribution. 

Jerry's agent, Fenny, indicated that it's true that Jerry was injuried but Jerry didn't mind, as the most important is to finish the filming, and Jerry really wants to thank Ella and the director.

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