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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jay Chou's 'Pandamen' super guest line-up exposed; exclusive cast photos revealed

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Source: Sina
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Jay Chou’s self-directed drama ‘Pandamen’ has already finished filming, and is currently in post-production. This drama not only stars Jay Chou, Jessie Chiang, Nan Quan Ma Ma, Tang Yan, Wang Jing, Will Liu, Guo Yao Zhong, even the guest stars are big names.

Earlier, Eric Tsang, Wilber Pan, Jerry Yan, Shawn Yue, Vincent Fang, Jiu Kong, Li Guo Xiu, Tian Jing Quan & An Ze Hao’s guest-star photos in ‘Pandaman’ were revealed. Not only did they display the drama’s big guest line-up, the cast photos looked amazing and exciting, bringing a strong impact to the audiences’ eyes.

Yesterday, Jay Chou accepted an interview, and expressed his thanks towards all the guest stars in ‘Pandamen’. He said: “Pandamen’s guest stars are actually all my good friends, they are very loyal and are willing to help me.” According to Jay’ introductions, these guest stars are not only ‘loyal’ to come and star in the drama, but during filming, every single one of them displayed their professionalism, and made him very touched.

Wilber Pan injured but still continues to film

When Will received an invitation to star in ‘Pandamen’, it actually clashed with his album promotion schedule. And earlier, because he was intensely practising dancing for his album, he accidentally injured his right hand. When he came to film ‘Pandamen’, his hand was even bandaged, but when filming officially started, the professional Will removed his bandages, and everyone could not help but give him a thumbs-up in praise. Jay was very worried about his injury, and during break times, he would often touch his hand in concern, asking him: “Is it okay?” But Will joked back: “I realized you really love touching my hand!” Everyone looked suspiciously at Jay, and Nan Quan Mama’s Devon (Dan Tou) joked: “Actually, Will is Jay Chou’s other ‘J-Girl’!” making everyone burst into laughter.

Shawn Yue plays baddie

From the photos of Shawn Yue, his golden hair makes him look extremely ‘bad boy’; his cool image looks very different from the previous sunny, handsome Shawn. Shawn plays a capable follower – Luo Han, of the great villain Tiger Brother. Towards being able to play such a character, Shawn exclaimed: “Very exciting!”

Eric Tsang supports ‘junior brother’ Jay Chou

Previously in ‘Kung Fu Dunk’, Eric Tsang & Jay Chou had extremely exciting fight scenes, and from then on, the 2 established a very good friendship. Whenever Jay mentions Eric in any public event, he always affectionately calls him ‘Eric Big Brother’. Jay said: “Eric coming to guest in ‘Pandamen’, I know it’s because he wants to support me, so I want to specially thank his loyalty.” Apparantly, Eric has quite a few scenes in the drama.

Jerry Yan & Jay Chou become ‘colleagues

In ‘Pandamen’, Jay Chou plays Detective Leo, and Jerry Yan plays his colleague Detective Chen. In order to crack the villain gang ‘Violent Group’, the 2 detectives share weal and woe, and they both even get injured, and suffer quite a lot. Not only are they good ‘brothers’ outside of the drama, but even in the drama, they are quite close.

Refined lyricist Vincent Fang transforms into an arms dealer

Even Vincent Fang is beginning to film television series, and we can only imagine ‘Pandamen’ and Jay’s charm. Over the years, Vincent has always collaborated with Jay, writing lyrics for him, and the 2 have together created a unique musical world. And Vincent, whose own personality is similar to his refined lyrics, actually transforms into an arms dealer who is surrounded by beautiful women in the drama. His character is very ‘explosive’ and is definitely a strong breakthrough for Vincent.

Li Guo Xiu – dean of Taiwanese theatre joins ‘Pandamen’

Liu Guo Xiu is dubbed the dean of Taiwanese theatre. From 1976, he has produced almost 40 stage dramas, and is currently an associate professor at Taipei’s University of Arts. But the reason for him coming to star in ‘Pandamen’ is quite amusing. Apparantly, Li Guo Xiu’s family are all fans of Jay, and in order to fulfil his family’s ‘star’ wish, he went to find Jay, and hence he is also a guest star in ‘Pandamen’.

Jiu Kong appears as villain

Taiwan’s famous comedian Jiu Kong also guests in this drama. Whenever he appears at any event, there will be constant laughter following. Earlier, in Ning Hao’s ‘Crazy Racer’, Jiu Kong made everyone laugh non-stop. In ‘Pandamen’, he plays a big villain ‘Mole’ and will try live up to his comedian status.

Mainland actor An Ze Hao will play ‘strict father’

An Ze Hao, whose appearance is rather unique is a mainland actor, who always plays ‘baddies’. He was the lead for many television series such as ‘True Confession’, ‘Tomorrow I Am Not A Lamb’, and ‘Around The Home’. However, this time in ‘Pandamen’, he won’t play a baddie but has actually got quite a good role. He will be playing Jessie Chiang’s character Xiao Yu’s dad, who is also the principal of the music school. An Ze Hao expressed: “Pandamen consists of a young team, and I have actually learnt quite a lot filming with these young people.”

An Ze Hao has quite a few scenes with Jessie in the drama. From the cast photos, his outfits follow the luxurious European clothing style, but he still looks very humorous. According to sources, after ‘Pandamen’ finished filming, An Ze Hao earlier returned to China, and is currently preparing for his new drama.

‘Pandamen’ investor transforms into ‘Chief Villain’

Amongst ‘Pandamen’s guest stars, the most important character is Tiger Brother. And this character is definitely even more lengendary.

Tiger Brother is the chief villain in ‘Pandamen’. His followers include Wolf (played by Will Liu), Mole (played by Jiu Kong), Luo Han (played by Shawn Yue) etc, and ‘Tiger Brother’ is the central figure in criminal gang ‘Violent Group. And he is the character which Panda Superman (played by Yuhao), Panda Heroic (played by Devon), Detective Leo (played by Jay) and Detective Chen (played by Jerry) are all hunting for. And just when everyone was wondering who is most suitable to play such an important character, ‘Pandamen’ investor Tian Jing Quan entered Jay’s ‘visual field’.

According to Jay’s introduction, Tian Jing Quan ‘President Tian’ is one of ‘Pandamen’s investors. He is the general manager of Beijing Jiu Zhou Culture Communication Co., Ltd, and is also Jay’s old friend. During casting of ‘Pandamen’, Jay coincidentally bumped into President Tian while he was on a business trip, and that day, he was dressed in a black suit, with big black sunglasses, and his rather rebellious temperament caught Jay’s eyes. Hence, Jay immediately decided that President Tian would be the perfect choice for Tiger Brother! Because whether it’s posture or his imposing manner, President Tian is very suitable for this role.

During the filming process, besides Tiger Brother, he had another name called ‘Tian One Take’ and when Jay was asked about this, he laughed and explained: “Because during filming, President Tian always just requires one take and its perfect, his acting is very good! And sometimes, it’s already good, but he himself is not satisfied and would say that if he filmed another take, it would be better!” So why is the investor’s acting even better than professional actors? After careful studying, it was found that President Tian actually graduated from China University of Opera. The drama crew expressed that actually, Tiger Brother can be considered as a main lead in ‘Pandamen’ but because of President Tian is also one of the investors, he felt that it’s not convenient to be too exposed, so he attributed himself to the ‘guest’ list. In the drama, mainland actress Liao Jian Ling also specially guests, and plays Tiger Brother’s girlfriend.

Jay Chou’s ‘little brother’ also guests in ‘Pandamen’

Compared with the other famous guest stars, Huai Chen is probably the most unfamiliar face in ‘Pandamen’. According to Jay’s personal introduction, Huai Chen is actually his ‘little brother’: “He was my classmate in primary school. When we were little, I thought that he looked like a cartoon character, and unexpectedly now that we’re older, we actually have the chance to collaborate in ‘Pandamen’. Jay said that Huai Chen plays another baddie, and earlier, he also guested in the MV of his song ‘Hair Like Snow’.

Other than this, the most interesting thing is that ‘Pandamen’s scriptwriter Fa Tiao - Taiwan’s famous online writer will also guest in the drama as a piano teacher.

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