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Saturday, September 12, 2009

[Down With Love] Wraps Up Filming in September, Jerry Yan’s Temperament Has Become Gentler

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[Down With Love] Wraps Up Filming in September, Jerry Yan’s Temperament Has Become Gentler

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In mid-September, idol serial – [Down With Love] will wrap up filming. Other than filming in Hangzhou, one of the other biggest "achievement" of this serial would have been the change in “Baolong” – Jerry Yan. In the past, he would be plagued by negative news over the media, but now, he is not only very cordial with his production team, but often treated them to drinks generously. Even his “animosity” to the reporters has now transformed into “friendliness”. Yesterday, in the telephone conversation with our reporters, Jerry shared his change in outlook, “Now, I have learnt how to better show my concern for others, and to bow even lower.”

[DWL] is a debut collaboration between Jerry Yan and SHE’s member – Ella. On-and-off-screen, Jerry shared, “Ella is one of the women who has impacted on me greatly. Her influence on me is very huge. In the past, all I know about Ella is that she is a very bubbly and adorable person. Never did I realise that she is actually very sensitive, sentimental and thoughtful. This is one side of her which many people do not get to see. She treats each day seriously, acting every one of her drama professionally, and treating everyone around her sincerely.”

While he filmed for drama serials previously, Jerry would be attended to by an entourage of 5-6 crew members, like many stars complementing the moon, protecting and shielding him. After filming his scenes, he would often return to his air-conditioned vehicle, and seldom wish to interact with others further. However since he joined the [DWL] production team, Jerry was seen often alone and no longer escorted by so many attendants. He would pick up his meal box and sort out the garbage accordingly after meals by himself. Jerry would also help the crew members to carry the trail tracks for the camera.

When Jerry spotted the reporters who visited the team, filming on a hot day, he took initiative to pass them tissues and even helped the television crew reporter to carry the microphone for over an hour. These gestures would probably have been unimaginable in the past. Jerry added, “To me, I have not done these intentionally. In fact, these are not difficult tasks either, but why was I unaware of them in the past? Actually if we can pay more attention to others’ contributions, all our work will also become better.”

Jerry admitted that his bad temper has caused both others and himself to be unhappy in the past. “In the past, I am really very unhappy. Now I have gradually become happier. I feel that I am slowly transforming into a ‘big boy’. Now, I would enjoy playing with everyone in the filming crew, teasing them, joking with them. I feel that now I am more and more like the Jerry Yan of my schooling years. During then, I was a carefree big boy – and nothing like the Jerry Yan who has to live out others’ expectations. When I used to give interviews previously, I tend to think that it would be the best if others could not understand me totally. Perhaps, this is just my self-defence at work. Now, regardless they may be reporters or any of the crew members, I can chat with them sincerely.”

In response to probes on romance, Jerry said, there are no rules to love, and everything is just dependent on fate. He shared, “I do not know if you ever had this feeling. Maybe that someone could be just by your side, constantly giving, and treating you well, and you would be touched. Love is something that cannot be defined by rules or conditions such as the other person has to be 1.78m, 68kg etc…”

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