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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jerry, Ella with a Million-Dollar “Wedding”, “Daughter-in-Law” said: “I’ve Not Even Met Yan-Mama!”

Source: Now News
Translation by: shyun_y @

Have Jerry and Ella hit it off so well to have arranged for a wedding after filming together? CTV and GTV’s latest idol drama – [Down With Love] held a “wedding party” for the couple on 20 Jan 2010. The venue was decorated with their wedding photos and wedding cookies. Under the warm and romantic ambience, Jerry and Ella admitted to having positive feelings toward each other. As the “bride and groom” exchanged their rings and vows, Ella purposely bent her fingers slight, in accordance to wedding custom, so as not to “bow low*” to Jerry.

Although Jerry and Ella got “married” for the sake of their drama serial, the details and proceedings from walking down the aisle, bride give away by the father, exchange of rings and signing on “marriage certificate” are all in accordance to that of a wedding in real life. Prior to the event, Ella was even worried if they would be held accountable subsequently for having “gotten married” before so many witnesses! But Ella admitted that as she was very into her role, she did feel she has grown to like Jerry’s character more and more during filming. When asked if both of them would really get together, Ella joked shyly, “I’ve not even met Yan-Mama!” Jerry, who was beside her, burst out in laughter, hearing her. He shared, “I used to have the impulse to get married. But that was during the time I was doing national service in the army. At the moment, my dream girl has not appeared yet.”

[DWL] will be aired on CTV on 31 Jan 2010 and GTV on 7 Feb. It will be in direct competition with current viewership rating champion, SET’s [Autumn Concerto]. It seemed to be a direct clash between Jerry and Vanness. Coincidentally, both of them are portraying lawyer-roles and acting along with starlet, Xiao Xiao Bin. This caused much speculation on the competition. However Jerry said humbly, “Vanness is very adorable. Everyone likes him. We would go out for meals together. Xiao Xiao Bin is also happy to see him.”

* A wedding custom in Taiwan whereby the party does not let the other put the ring all the way in at first so that the other party will listen to him / her after marriage.

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