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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jerry Forsakes Idol Burden to Spit Along with Ella

Source: UDN
Translation by: shyun_y @

Jerry Yan and Blue Lan are two suave, cool guys of the entertainment industry. Recently both of them have been “melted” into warm guys by the pretty girls around them. Jerry and Ella had collaborated in CTV and GTV’s [Down With Love] and under Ella’s influence, Jerry had spitted on camera for the very first time. Meanwhile Blue, known to warm up slowly, has also become closer and took more initiative in interacting with his female leads, Sonia Sui and Bianca Bai since working with them for SET’s idol drama.

Yesterday, CTV and GTV spent over a million dollars to organize the “Wedding of The Century” for Jerry and Ella. The wedding rings and the NT$150,000-Ferragamo suit totaled up to over NT$70,000,000. What was even surprising was that the initial scene in [DWL] whereby Ella would spit at Jerry in anger, upon being wrongly accused by him, also showed a scene which he spat in retort..

Producer Ke Yi Qin shared that initially she was still deliberating if such a gesture would be appropriate. However she discovered that “Jerry was acting as his real self” then and hence, she decided to preserve this scene.

During the [DWL] Asia Premiere yesterday, some 50 over media representatives from over the world were present. Fans also made a donation of NT$36,000 to Haiti victims as a gift for the occasion. The proceedings of the wedding will be telecast on 24 Jan 2010 at 11 pm. Initially scheduled to record an episode for [Here Comes KangXi] after the “wedding”, it was postponed at the last minute. GTV explained that as Ella’s schedule was fully packed and she was unwell, they would arrange for another schedule for the recording.

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