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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ella’s On-Screen Kiss with Jerry Has Most “Feel”, I’ve Really Gotten A Big Advantage

Source: China Times
Translation by: shyun_y @

CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] will be telecast this evening at 10 pm. Accordingly to [Shi Bao Magazine Vol 1667], Ella is most proud of her on-screen kiss with Jerry Yan, despite having kissed many male idols in her past serials and joked, “To have kissed such a big handsome idol, I’ve really gotten a big advantage!” Since starring in idol drama serials, she has on-screen kisses with Blue Lan, Jerry Huang, Wu Chun etc. However it was the on-screen kiss with Jerry that she felt was the most real, with emotions, natural and at ease.

Funny-Effect Kiss with Wu Chun, Nerve-Racking Kiss with Blue Lan

She shared on her past kissing scenes, “The kiss with Wu Chun in [Hana Kimi] was one for funny effects. The kiss with Jerry (Huang) in [The Rose] felt dreamy and unreal. My first on-screen kiss was in [Magical Love] with Blue Lan. During then, I was a pack of nerves.” She was also in the disguise of a boy in her on-screen kiss with Wu Chun, hence it was like a “boy-boy-kiss”.

Having filmed in a few drama serials and been through a few love relationships respectively, Ella has derived her very own “Love Evolution Theory”. She said, “In my past love relationships, I was indulged in the feeling of romance. And when this feeling has faded gradually, I ended up breaking off, thus, hurting the other parties in my younger days. Now, I’ve learnt for a love relationship to foster, both parties have to understand each other well. If you feel that the person is the right one for you after being together for some time, then you need not set requirements upon him such as occupation, appearances etc. What is most important is for both parties to really love each other.”

Hardships or Ugly Duckling, She Does it in a Breeze to Successfully Own Her Stage in Idol Drama Arena

In her drama serials over the years, Ella had attempts to disguise as a boy, braved the rain for kissing scenes, and carried a prop fridge of over ten kilograms along a bustling street. Given her high endurance and resilience, not minding less than pretty disguises, and good health condition, everyone has given her the tile of “Oshin”. Relative to Selina and Hebe, Ella is better able to adapt to exposure of harsh weather conditions while filming outdoors, hence, Ella is the most successful amongst S.H.E members to have developed her career beyond singing, and into the acting arena.

Ferrying First Love Girlfriend on Bicycle, Ended Up with Sore Leg Muscles

Jerry and Ella are acting as bickering couple who turned into lovers eventually in [DWL]. Off-screen Jerry and Ella are great Machi and Ella shared, “He would even take my shoe off to do foot massage for me.” Meanwhile Jerry shared, “In the past, I assumed I was being thoughtful when I was riding a bicycle with my ex-girlfriend sitting behind me, and singing for her. But in the end, I ended up with very sore muscles for my legs.” As to what songs did he sing then, he joked, “It’s [Meteor Rain]!” Meanwhile Judy Zhou Ding Wei is acting as the boyfriend who has forsaken Ella in the debut episode and she has a scene whereby she was drowning her sorrows in drinks and cried very bitterly. Ella shared that she had looked very ugly in that particular crying scene.


  1. whoa.. luv these scene.. ^o^ hahahaha.. they really look great couple for me..

  2. yes, i agree! the most natural and passionate kiss ever among the taiwanese dramas! it was truly natural! <3 it!