Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

i週刊 i weekly No.656 ~ 27 MAY 2010

文﹕楊麗玲 照片提供﹕{9314男人與男孩} TEXT : Yang Li Ling Photos : {9314 Man & Boy}

I seldom bother about fans’ requests. It’s because of my character as well as some previous not so pleasant experiences.

Yet on a certain day, Ms T who adores Jerry Yan sent me a short email. She was very polite and expressed that she wanted to send me a copy of Jerry Yan’s newly released pictorial ~ {9314 Man & Boy} as a gesture of thanks on behalf of her Idol.

When I sent an email to thank her, I unintentionally mentioned how I was having loads of trouble arranging for an interview. Ms T said that she could help out.

Within a few days, I received news unexpectedly. Everyone was in disbelief. Even when the TV Station and Record Company were not able to do anything, a fan easily did it. And there wasn’t any need to censor the questions as well.

Ms T emailed the details of the interview to Jerry out of kind consideration. Thus he had some idea before we started.

Perhaps because of this, Jerry felt at ease during the 40 minutes interview.

I’ve come across many types of fans but those who are rational and understanding to their Idol are few and far between.

對阿旭說﹐他的粉絲太奇特﹐笑他究竟如何“教育”。。。“其實我沒有誒﹐坦白講﹐我應該是比較被喜歡我的朋友教育吧。哈哈﹗很多時候她們會給我加油﹑支持 ﹐告訴我哪方面做得不好。我比較像個小孩子﹐她們不斷在旁邊糾正我﹑關心我。很多喜歡我的朋友都是大姐姐﹑也有一些媽媽﹐我反而像是她們的小孩子﹐她們不 斷給我很多力量﹐指引我走在對的路上。好像是反過來﹐我還覺得蠻不好意思的。”他說。
Told Jerry that his fans are really special and joked about how he actually “educated”them”… “I didn’t really. Frankly speaking, I am the one that is educated by those who like me. Ha ha ! Many a time they would encourage me, support me and even tell me areas that I could work on. I’m more like a kid and they are always by the side, correcting me and caring for me. Many of my friends are like big sisters to me and some are even mothers themselves. In fact, I’m more like their child, they kept giving me so much strength and directing me to the right path. It’s like the reverse actually. I do feel quite embarrassed by that. ”he said.

His luggage was over-weight from their gifts and yet he still lagged them from all over the world back to Taipei. Kept them stored in an empty house. In the An Hui Province of China, they set up “Jerry Yan Chun Rui School” out of their own pockets and maintained it all these years through their own efforts by doing charity for their Idol.

I recalled a few years back, he said to me, “When I grow old one day, the friends that like me will also be of age. I hope that everyone will at least remember that whilst supporting their Idol, they also did something good.”

他一直貫徹﹐也做到了。He’s always been a man of his words and he really did it.

Ms T gave me the sweets that Yu Ping/Jerry Yan gave to Yang Guo/Ella in the serial {Down With Love}. The gift though small but really full of thought.

Tens of thousands of fans maketh a Star. Yet a Star enlightening the fans really makes the world a much better place.


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