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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Special Report: Jerry Yan gets 85% from mom; "Jerry tries too hard"

Source: China Times
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Jerry Yan has become a super idol, but his mother only gave him 85/100, because she is pained that he doesn't love himself enough, and works too hard to make money. On the other hand, Jerry wishes his mother wouldn't be so frugal, because when he bought her a jade bracelet worth $3 million, she was too scared to wear it, and keeps it for appearances even now.

Hikes Yang Ming Shan for medicinal herbs, doesn't regret for eight years

Coming from a single parent family, Jerry had a hard childhood, and his other brought him and his sister up through her tailoring work. In the past, his mother's health was never very good, and refused to spend money to see the doctor, which caused many arguments between them. When he first debuted, he would hike up Yang Ming Shan to get a special herb that improved his mother's health, and eight years later, he still does, other than if he's very busy or is out of town, in which case he asks his brother in law to substitute for him.

One throws away, another treats it as a treasure; purposely never finishes the juice

His income lately has been quite extravagant, but his mother still acts frugally; to provide better for her, Jerry has had to resort to darker means. For example, before he returns home, he will tell his mother in advance of what vegetables he wants to eat, so that she will relent to buy it out of love for him. Also, everytime she squeezes fresh juice, he only drinks 1/3 of it, and uses her frugal attitude against her, knowing that she won't want to waste the remainder and will therefore drink the rest.

Last year, he brought his mother to a jewelry store on the premise that he needed her hand to try on a jade bracelet for a friend's present. After she tried it on, he didn't let her take it off, but once she heard the price was $3 million, she immediately took it off. Jerry bought it anyway and to this day, she is still too scared to wear it.

No criteria for daughter in law, never hurried Jerry to get married

Jerry said, "I really like buying things for my mom, every mom deserves good treatment from their kids." However, his mother feels that it's fine just living a regular life, and doesn't want to see her son work so hard. "Humans need to get used to a simple lifestyle, in order to not let troubles determine how they live."

His mother has a very traditional outlook on her son's marriage, as long as he's happy, then she's happy. She doesn't have a limit on what age he needs to be to get married, and has no criteria for her daughter in law either, only that her son loves her. This Mother's Day, she hopes that her hardworking son can be home for dinner, and Jerry has also cleared his work schedule so that he can be with his mother.

"The largest incentive for me to work so hard is to make my mother proud." A few years ago, he accompanied his mother to a relative's wedding, but the reception turned into an autograph session for him, and when he lifted his head, he would see his mother smile. In that short moment, he really felt that he had made his mother proud, "That was the happiest day of my life, happier than me earning $1 billion."

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  1. Mother is great for every body.happiest day of jery is smiling of mother not billion.

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