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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

[Radio] FM933 DJ Chong Qing's Interview with Jerry

translated by kym @

DJ Chong Qing : I need to apologise to everyone. We had interview Jerry Yan at 11 am yet it is only now that we are broadcasting the interview. It's mainly because when I made the call to Taipei, it was his mobile phone. When we were on the call, there was a problem. He could only hear me a few seconds after I asked him a question. That is there was a 'lag'. I don't know how to say that in Chinese. Ha ha! So after about 3 seconds then Jerry could hear my question. So the entire interview seemed a little slow. But after editing, the overall effect is still very good. You can hear my questions
and Jerry's immediate answering very clearly. But for Jian Zhong (the technician I think), this interview was no piece of cake. So now through this 933 segment 'Zhou Gong is here!', let's hear Jerry's voice.

DJ : So Jerry Yan Cheng Xu is now on the line. We are doing this overseas call mainly because of his pictoria ~ 9314 Man & Boy. l want to ask Jerry, since 8 years ago, you've done a pictorial too. So what's different between this new pictorial and the pictorial from 8 years ago?

Jerry : Mainly it's about what has been happening in my life these few years. It also includes my emotional changes and how I've come to terms with them.

DJ : Actually its a pictorial about dreams and growing up. So these dreams are those from 8 years ago or are they your present dreams?

Jerry : Ha ha, actually my dreams have not changed very much from the past till now.

DJ : How about your growing up process? Since you've been in this line till now, do you really feel that you've grown up alot?

Jerry : Eh......h I should say that the changes are quite great.

DJ : In terms of changes, Jerry, do you feel that it's your personal character or something else?

Jerry : I would say these include all of them. Perhaps when I interact with others, I feel that I've become more attentive to others.

DJ : I see. So with this pictorial, there are actually 3 items - the pictorial, a book and a CD. Would Jerry like to introduce to us? Let's talk about the pictorial first. Which of the style in the pictures do you like the best?

Jerry : I like the most. Oh, the one where I had a moustache. I like that style.

DJ : Why?

Jerry : It's different from what I've done before.

DJ : Yes, in fact when we saw that we were . . . . . .

Jerry : Hello . . . . . .

DJ : Can you hear me?

Jerry : Hello, yes, I can.

DJ : I'm sorry I realised that the connection is a little slow. I realised that you could only hear me after I had asked the question for a short while. So sorry about that.

Jerry : No a problem at all. Are you Chong Qing?

DJ : Yes, I am.

Jerry : I heard that you won a prize, is that right? I want to congratulate you on that.

DJ : (Laughing heartily) Ha ha! Thanks Jerry, thank you. Ha ha!

Jerry : That was great! It really is!

DJ : Many years ago, I was hosting the show and you came to perform. At that time, we had a backstage crew and it happened to be his sister's birthday. He requested for your signature. But the security personnel had dragged you away but you asked them to stop for a moment. Then you turned around and signed for him. He was so touched by that. And I was also able to see how you really are.

Jerry : Ha ha, oh, you still remember. Thank you.

DJ : Let's talk about the book. Are you someone who is easily touched by words?

Jerry : Yes, I am. Rather easily so.

DJ : So when you have read something that describes you, what kind of description would make you very happy?

Jerry : I feel happy if the description is very close to the real me. In the media when I face a lot of cameras, I feel that it's rather different from who I truly am. I get nervous easily. So I feel that words can really express who Jerry Yan really is. I believe through reading the words, everyone
can get to know who Jerry Yan truly is.

DJ : In your leisure, do you have the habit of writing or doodling?

Jerry : Once in a while, when I'm on the mood. Like I did try to write lyrics before. At times I just write whatever comes to mind. But I'm not very good.

DJ : No matter what you do, I believe in Singapore or anywhere else where there are those who know you, they would support you greatly. This pictorial also includes a CD. There are 2 songs. Would you like to tell us about 'Man's Tears'?

Jerry : All right.

DJ : Was recording this song difficult?

Jerry : This song is very different from the songs that I've done in the past. In terms of the singing style and the overall feel, I feel that the process was rather interesting.

DJ : How was it different?

Jerry : We spent quite a lot of time in the studio doing the recording. Furthermore at times, when I heard the song I felt that it is quite alright but it was difficult when I sang it. But later on, I was rather happy with the end result when I heard it.

DJ : The lyrist of 'Man's Tears' is Teacher Yi Jia Yang. Do you feel that the lyrics can convey your feelings to a T?

Jerry : More or less it did.

DJ : When will you shed your 'Man's Tears'?

Jerry : Just like anyone else I would think. I mean we have our pressures from work, or when we have to face false reports, or some reporters are malicious in their critique. I feel that I would be sad when facing these.

DJ : The other song is 'Down with Love'. Would you like to talk about it?

Jerry : 'Down with Love' is kind-of-a-happy song when you hear it. It's sounds easy to the ears and it's like my childish side.

DJ : I'm very curious. The book title has the number - 9314, why these 4 numbers?

Jerry : This the distance by air between Taipei to Australia. It's like the distance between reality and a dream.

DJ : Do you like Australia very much?

Jerry : It's rather nice. Many years when I did my previous pictorial, I went there to shoot. I like the simple life there with its grasslands. And there are alot of animals too. It feels like heaven to me.

DJ : I wanted to ask you before you came to this line, did you have a country in mind that you really wanted to visit?

Jerry : A country which I really want to visit. Paris.

DJ : That's before you came into the line. But after you've entered this line, you've been to so many countries. Is there still a place that you've longed to go but still has yet been?

Jerry : Paris. Ha ha!

DJ : Ha ha!

Jerry : I've never been to Paris.

DJ : I think it would be very inconvenient for you if you go to Paris. There'll still be a lot of people who can recognise you.

Jerry : I think it should be fine. I want to go there for a feel of the culture and then I believe I'll learn something different.

DJ : I think wherever you go, you bring something surprising to everyone. So I hope that all the listeners when you've bought the book. And when you've brought it home, you will have a different kind of surprise. Like you can see Jerry with a moustache and very sexy. We can understand him even more through the words. So all of you and those who support Jerry can buy this pictorial. Thank you Jerry for the opportunity to interview you. Thank you.

Jerry : Alright, thanks Chong Qing. I want to congratulate you once again on your win. I hope that I can come to your show to be interviewed by you.

DJ : Thank you, Jerry. Bye bye.

Jerry : Alright, thanks.


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