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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sep 02, 2010 - TW Appledaily

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Sep 02, 2010 - TW Appledaily

It was reported that Material Girl's Executive Producer, Chen Yu Shan, announced on Facebook that the male lead, Jerry Yan, quitted and the reason was due to scheduling problem.  The newest male lead will be announced no later than Sunday.  Yan Cheng Xu's agent, Zheng Shu Mei, indicated that Jerry is still having a cold, but the main reason was that the production team has delayed the filming schedule and the drama can't start filming until the end of Sep, and this has conflicts with Jerry's plan for filming movies. 

In July, when Jerry was in HK, he didn't confirm filming Material Girl, and it gives people the feeling that the eagerness only came from Ms. Chen, but not the other side.  She said, "Then why did he learn the violin and French?"  She exposed that they started discussing the contract and details since June.  She further said, "If he didn't have intention of filming the drama, then why did he need to participate in two rounds of contract negotiation?"

Jerry is still taking care of his health

Chen Yu Shan said that due to some technical issues, Material Girl won't start filming until Sep.  Lynn Xiong signed the contract in Aug and Jerry also mentioned about filming movies in Aug.  After serious consideration, she decided that may be this is not a good time for them to work together, but she still appreciates that he has worked so hard on the violin and French. 

Jerry's agent indicates that he is taking care of his health using Chinese herbs. 

Lian He Bao

Roughly same as above, except that Jerry's agent, Zheng Shu Mei, said, "As Material Girl can't finish filming until Jan next year, and it has conflicts with other plans.  Even we tried, but the scheduling problem is still not resolved, so we have no other ways but quitting."  Although Chen Yu Shan believes that his quitting has something to do with his plans for filming movies, Zheng Shu Mei denied that Jerry quitted the tv drama for filming movies.


Roughly the same as above, except:

...In order to play the violinist who studied in Paris, Jerry started learning violin and French since June.  His agent, Zheng Shu Mei, said that if he did not have the intention to film the drama, he wouldn't have learned French and violin.  When asked whether she is concerned about an "add on" on his "being difficult“ list, she said that according to plan, Material Girl was supposed to start filming in Aug, but now the filming won't finish until the end of Jan next year, and the agency has already had other arrangements.  This is agency's arrangement, nothing concerns Jerry."

Chen Yu Shan said that Yan's agency didn't inform her about his absence for filming movie(in Nov or Dec) until early Aug.  As she was informed too late, she can't make other arrangements, that's why she decided to give up and to find a new male lead.  Material Girl will start filming by the end of Sep. 


...Yan Cheng Xu quitted being the male lead of Material Girl due to scheduling problem, and there's rumor that he has already accepted 2 movie offers...

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