Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

【Love Health】 Issue No. 60 - Jerry Yan Transformation After 10 Years ~ Boy Becomes Man

The decade was not extremely long but it marked a special era. He was Dao Ming Si in [Meteor Garden]. He was the soul of F4, the super idol group from Tai...wan that took over Asia. He is unique and unprecedented in Chinese pop culture history. A over night sensation, Jerry Yan was thrown to the media fire that came with his fame at age of 24. Struggling to cope with the new life, he was cruelly labeled as rebellious and difficult. He had crowd phobia and withdrew himself from the outside world out of the fear of malicious tabloid media.

Today that handsome young man with long wavy hair, the heart-throb of millions of girls, has transformed from a boy to a man after 10 years. He is ready to take on a more matured role and leave his naive image behind.

When I saw him again at the press release of his memoir [9314 Man & Boy], Jerry Yan was a changed man. After working in Japan for five years he finally returned to Beijing again. To the contrary of my expectation of a shy and quiet person, Jerry Yan has completed changed to someone who talked freely about himself. His message? I am no longer a boy, I am a man.

[Meteor Garden] 2001 has created a pop culture miracle. Jerry Yan leaped to fame over night from a nobody. His overwhelmingly large fans base includes people like Japanese politicians, President Arroyo of Philippians, and Indonesian Princess. He received an award on the same stage with the First Lady of Japan. Singapore media titled him as one of the 10 most popular persons of the decade. He is a subject in the wax museums in Shanghai and Thailand.

Unfortunately the fate that brought him the fame has also brought him bad publicity. It was so bad that he was suffering from crowd phobia. He admitted that he has learned a lot from his own mistakes and overcome the phobia. Today what he wants the most is to show to people that he has transformed from a boy to a man. He is ready for a new start.

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