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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yan Chen Xu Was Not Nominated For Golden Bell

Sep 22, 2010
Lian He Bao

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Yan Chen Xu Was Not Nominated For Golden Bell
Web Users Felt That It's Unfair

(only extracted the part about Jerry)

It was reported that after the Golden Bell Nomination List was announced, it excluded quite a number of actors who were expected to be nominated.  Among all, online users (on TW Apple Daily) voted Yan Cheng Xu to be the no. 1 surprise when he was not nominated, with over 49% of voters thought that it was not fair to him, and 9% of voters thought that Sui Tang and Wu Jian Hou should be on the nomination list as well. 

TW Apple Daily

It was reported that a lot of good things have happened to Jerry lately.  Not only the gastritis, which had bothered him a lot, has improved a lot after treatment, he became an uncle, as his sister gave birth to a son, who is the first member of the family's third generation.  Although he is always very protective of his privacy, yesterday he posted his nephew's picture on the official website to share his happiness, which's also the first time he has allowed his family member to be shown in public.  The birth of his nephew made him want to be a dad as well. 

Yesterday, he shared the happy news on his offiical website ( called himself Little Uncle Sun.  His health showed the red flag a while ago, but yesterday he wrote, "I am doing very good lately, as I am an uncle now.  Although the whole family is still in a chaotic situation, our family is filled with joy because of the joining of this life.  New topics come up everyday.  Actually, taking care of a baby is so difficult but interesting!  So, everyone should be filial to one's mom!"

Mother and Sister Have Never Been Introduced To The Puclic
Allow Family Member To Be Shown To The Public For The First Time

His little nephew was just born less than a month.  Yan Cheng Xu, who likes to play basketball, has started to wish that he will grow up quicker, so he can bring him along to play basketball.  He also wrote, "Really want to bring him to play basketball faster, but my sister called me crazy... Little Uncle really want to bring you out for fun and to see this beautiful world"  When he filmed DWL seeing Xiao Xiao Bian, he has wanted to have a kid.  Now with the birth of his nephew, will this further deepen his thought of having a kid?  Yesterday, through his agent, he answered, "Sure it will!"

He has never allowed his mom and sister to be shown to the public.  Even when he got on A Date with Lu Yu, he only allowed his mom's voice to be exposed.  At the site, a recording of his mom's message was played, asking him to take good care of his health and his being healthy is the best gift for her.  After he heard it, his eyes were filled with tears right away.  This time, he rarely showed his nephew's picture with the public for sharing his happiness.

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