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Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Fierce" New Couple, YCX Connects With "Wife Of Other" On Big Screen

Oct 12, 2011 China Times

"Fierce" New Couple, YCX Connects With "Wife Of Other" On Big Screen

Fierce Wife Of Other is popular.  Not just it has gained 13 nominations from Golden Bell Awards, there will be a movie version with the same cast.  Producer, Wang Pei Hua, indicated that she had already invited YCX to play opposite with Sui Tang (female lead of Fierce Wife) in the movie.  On the 11th, she admitted that she had discussed happily with YCX, and she is really looking forward to having good chemistry with a good actor like him who has such strong brand equity and depth, but nothing is confirmed at this time.  YCX's agency said that the Fierce Wife movie is not included in his schedule at this time, but if there's no scheduling problem, he doesn't object to the idea.  

YCX has received non-stop invitations for playing in movies.  Among all, "Hua Yang", which is in preparation, invited him to play opposite with Chen Yan Xi and Chen Yi Yan.  Coincidently, both movies will be directed by Zhou Mei Ling.  According to source, he always wants to play a challenging role.  In "Hua Yang", it will allow him to get rid of his prince image by playing an adorable pirate with a good heart.  It's a story about a pirate with 2 geishas (not necessary Japanese).  It will start filming by the end of this year and he will receive kung-fu training.  The filming will locate in Kinmen and Mazu.  With the custom made pirate ship, the total investment will be more than NT 100 millions.  

Wang Pei Hua has kept a good secret on Fierce Wife's movie story.  She confirmed that the first script has been completed and the pre-production preparation is almost done.  She thinks that YCX has already reached and represented certain level of status and work quality in the show business, but he can have a lot more different possibilities.  That's why she is really looking forward to working with him, so she can help him reach another height of his career.  His agency responded that his schedule for the 2nd half of this year and early next year is full.  Fierce Wife is a good project, so if his schedule allows, he doesn't object to the project.

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