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Friday, October 14, 2011

Jerry Yan to Lead Big Screen Version of “The Fierce Wife”

Source: China Times

October 12, 2011

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Following the success at the Golden Bell with 13 nominations, the crew of TV drama “The Fierce Wife” is now ready to bring the drama to the big screen. It is said that Producer Pei-Hua Wang has invited Jerry Yan to team up with Sonia Sui . She confirmed yesterday she had a very promising conversation with Jerry Yan and is looking forward to work with proficient actor like Jerry. However, there is not a detailed plan yet . Jerry’s agency commented that the plan is possible if Jerry’s schedule permits.

Jerry Yan has been pursued by many movie production teams. Director Zero Chou is planning to team up Jerry Yan with Michelle Chen and Ivy Chen in her latest movie “Scarlet”. Jerry Yan has been waiting for a movie that can advance himself to the next level of film art as his returning debut. “Scarlet” will provide him the opportunity to get out of his familiar role of a handsome heartthrob by portraying a chivalrous pirate who encountered two geishas in an ancient setting. It is said that Jerry Yan will start martial and training prior to the start of the filming this fall. The shooting locations will be in Kinmen and Matsu. A pirate ship film set will be built in the budget of TWD100 million.

Pei-Hua Wang has kept the new movie project “The Fierce Wife” under a tight cover. She has confirmed that the initial draft is finished and the pre production phase is almost complete. She regards Jerry as a successful proficient actor. She is looking forward to work with Jerry and creating new role for him. According to Jerry’s agency, his schedule is full until early next year. “The Fierce Wife” is a very good project that Jerry would like to work on if his schedules permits.


  1. wow..that was awesome !! You deserved it my Love Jerry Yan..We'll support you all the way! We love You! I'm you're avid fan, loyal to you!!!Please visit us again here in the Philippines!!!!

  2. It would also b better My Beloved JERRY YAN if you'll try your very best to do this movie..It sounds like a very good movie..I haven't watch the drama yet,,but sounds familiar,,,We love you Jerry, We'll support you always,..Your loyal fan from Philippines!!!,,,visit us again pls.