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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ten Most Popular Ceremony, Yan Cheng Xu Had The Highest Popularity

Oct 24, 2011
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In the evening of Oct 22, Hua Yu Satellite TV's Ten Most Popular Artistes In Asia Ceremony was held in Dalian.   Asian idol artistes such as Yan Ya Lun, Zheng Yuan Chang, He Run Dong, Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Sun A, Han Chae Young and so on received the Ten Popular Artistes In Asia Award.  On the other hand, Yan Cheng Xu, who hadn't made public appearances for long, as expected, received the 2011 Most Popular In Asia Award. 

On the 22nd, Yan Cheng Xu walked on the red carpet, handsomely wearing a black trent coat and constantly showing his shy smile.  His appearance created a climax at the site.  In recent years, Yan Cheng Xu, who has made limited public appearances honestly stated, "I have been looking for special qualities belonged to Yan Cheng Xu.  Actually, in these two years, I have been looking for a relatively better condition for myself.  Then I realize that actually it is enough if I am just being myself.  Every person can grow and we have different feelings at different stages.  We experience different development in career, with different attitudes and feelings.  Even now, when I think of the past, I have different realization.  I really hope that everyone can see my advance."   Meteor Garden has left a deep influence on YCX, and a role that can match  DMS' success has not existed.  Regarding this, YCX responded, "May be people had too deep of an impression on DMS, so it doesn't matter what role I play, people always feel DMS' quality in all my performances.  In the near future, may play a role with ancient background.  He also hopes to challenge roles with actions, like roles with some violence. 

When a reporter asked him whether LZL's recent statement of "being in love now" was an indicator of them being back together, although the staff tried to intervene, YCX responded with his regard, "If she is happy, it doesn't matter where I am, I will be happy."  Regarding the constant gossips, YCX explained, "Actually I do mind gossips a lot, as when I may get close to a female artiste because of work and it ends up having gossips of us having some kind of relationship, actually it doesn't really matter to a guy, but it's not good for the girl.  Therefore, it's better to prevent it as much as possible." 

Besides, Sun Nan received the 2011 Asian Outstanding Performance Award, Luo Da You received the 2011 Asian Contribution Award, and Korean female group, Miss A, received the 2011 Asian New Star Award.

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