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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yan Cheng Xu And Wu Zun Have Faces, The Copyright Was All Sold Out

kkla: I think although Jerry doesn't want to compete with others, Mao Liang and SJ still need to protect him and to make sure that he won't be underestimated or belitted by others whenever necessary.

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Nov. 25, 2007
Lian He Bao - By Yang Qi Feng
Yan Cheng Xu And Wu Zun Have Faces, The Copyright Was All Sold Out

The fight between the two "Yi Ge"(No. 1 guy) has extended from TW to overseas. Hot Shot's overseas broadcast copyright in different locations/countries has been sold. Because of Yan Cheng Xu, the broadcast copyright in Japan has been sold for NT1 million per episode, and Wu Zun is even better, as HK, Korea, and Southeast Asia countires all specified that he is the one they want. Therefore, it is for sure that Hot Shot will make profits, instead of losing money.

Hot Shot which casts Yan Cheng Xu, Wu Zun, and Xiao Zhu has just started filming. With this cast, the overseas broadcast copyright has been sold wonderfully. GTV's General Manager, Lin Bai Chuan, confirmed yesterday that Hot Shot's NT60 million production fee has been covered by the selling of its overseas broadcast copyright. It all relies on the 2 'spade A cards', Yan Cheng Xu and Wu Zun.

According to information, both Yan Cheng Xu and Wu have high popularity in different areas overseas. Because of Yan Cheng Xu's high popularity in Japan, Japanese company initiated the copyright fee of US$30,000 (around NT$1 million. kkla: Please note that The Hospital's copyright was sold in Japan with around US$20,000 per episode, which was record high among TW's dramas.) per episode. On the other hand, the copyright of Hot Shot in Southeast Asia areas, such as Korea, HK, etc..., was sold solely because of Wu Zun. Lin Bai Chuan said, "Korea is the most difficult place to sell tv dramas, but the ratings of Hana. Kimi. in Korea played by Wu Zun were not bad, and he was even included in the nomination of the Best Newcomer Award, so he has popularity in Korea. This time, Hot Shot's broadcast copyright in Korea was sold solely because of him."

Lin Bai Chuan indicates, at the beginning, when GTV wanted to develop the Korean market, it was a bloody war, as GTV reduced and offered the price of about US$2,000(about NT66,000) per episode to the Korean buyers, which was half of the original amount. Later, Hana. Kimi. was being sold for US$5000 (NT170,000) per episode. Now, relying on Wu Zun's popularity, Hot Shot's copyright in Korea was sold at the price of US$8,000 (NT260,000) per episode. It was 4x of the beginning. Yan Cheng Xu's popularity in Japan is very stable, but Wu Zun has invaded all his(Jerry's) southeast markets except Japan, and Wu has become TW's newest "Yi Ge"(No. 1 guy). General Manager of Xin Shi Xian (the company which manages HK ATV at this time), Qi Jia Ji, said, "Yan Cheng Xu hasn't had too many productions recently. He may film just 1 drama per year. However, Wu Zun is younger, and the price is reasonable. Therefore, drama buyers incline to work with Wu Zun instead."


kkla: How come I got the feeling that Jerry was belittled again after being used?

1. The Hospital's copyright has been sold for more than NT100 millions throughout the world, including Southeast Asia, Europe, US, and even Australia, except Korea. Why? May be because Korea is very protective of its own dramas, may be Koreans think that TH is too expensive, and/or may be because Koreans planned to film its own version of White Tower at that time. Regardless, it is for sure not because of Yan Cheng Xu's selling power.

2. If I remember right, a while ago, it was reported after Jerry indicates his desire to quit BOF, investment from Mainland China and other locations was withdrawn, and the project was almost aborted. That's why the producer visited Jerry in Japan three times and persuaded to reconsider. If the credit of the good sales of Hot Shot's copyright in overseas except Japan should be given to Wu, then wait for so long until his parts need to be cut, as his schedule is delayed and it will be interfered with the filming of his next drama? If Hot Shot's copyright can be sold with a higher price solely with Wu, who will even have fewer parts in the drama, why needs Yan Cheng Xu? If Yan Cheng Xu is needed by GTV and the production team for his market value, why reject his market value immediately after the copyright was sold?

3. NT1 million vs NT260,000 per episode. Like Mao Liang said, the quality of the drama and his acting are Jerry's most concerned. If the production team/Wu's agency, and GTV wants to promote new popular idols to overseas markets by matching others to Jerry's level. I think Jerry won't mind at all, as he clearly indicated in the past that he wanted more actors/actresses can be successful beyond the TW market. However, in order to promote others, is it necessary to totally deny Jerry's credits? If Jerry is underestimated/belittled, even Jerry and SJ are generous not to get into this kind of publicity-gaining fight, Jerry fans won't let it be.

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  1. Anonymous4:54 PM


    After watching HOTSHOT in every website that it shows, I love it so much. There's no stopping the wondres that Jerry pulls whenever he's got new drama series.

    I never thought that Jerry is under this kind of pressure. Nevertheless HOTSHOT is a series worth watching for.

    I agree with you kkla.

    Jerry, jia you, you have many fans here in Philippines that are willing to support you in all your endeavors.

    HOTSHOT is shown in Philippines at the moment @ ABS-CBN station, the station which aired METEOR GARDEN Taiwan.