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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nov. 22, 2007 -Liberty Times

Nov. 22, 2007 -Liberty Times

The filming of GTV's Hot Shot has started. In the press conference, the eldest Yan Cheng Xu gave up the middle position to the 2nd eldest Luo Zhi Xiang when taking pictures, and it created a balanced image with 3 first-class idols.

The press conference of Hot Shot was finally held regardless of all the obstacles. Yan Cheng Xu, Luo, and Wu were finally on the same stage with their fans trying to show their greatest support in behind. Yan Cheng Xu's fans mostly came from Japan and Korea. Their faces look familiar as they just attended the Tourist Bureau gathering last month. Because of Hot Shot's press conference, they are not afraid of all the hardship and they came to TW again to support Yan Cheng Xu, even their hearts won't ache when spending the money on air tickets, hotels, those creative basketball-look-alike balloons, and flower baskets.

The press conference was held in NanKang Sports center. As it was a weekday yesterday, the venue, which can hold more than 1000 people, was filled with about 500 fans only. Among them, Yan Cheng Xu had the most number of fans, when Wu had the most number of flower baskets and Luo's fans had very high spirit.

On the stage, Yan Cheng Xu teased Wu for playing hard when girls were present, and Luo teased Wu for wanting to eat all the time. The filming has not started but they already have very good interaction.


China Times' report was similar to the above, except that "The grouping of Yan Cheng Xu, Xiao Zhu, and Wu Zun in Hot Shot was considered as the Super AAA cast. Yan Cheng Xu's fans are mostly from Japan and HK, with powerful presentation. Xiao Zhu's are with highest spirit and the most screaming. Wu's fans had shown their effort by wearing yellow sports tees/uniforms."

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