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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nov. 22, 2007 - Lian He Bao

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Nov. 22, 2007 - Lian He Bao

Hot Shot, which has been prepared for 3 years and its production fee will be NT60 million, had a press conference yesterday for announcing the start of its filming yesterday. With the 3 major idols on the same stage, it attracted about 500 fans to attend.

In the 35-minute press conference, it was clear that they interacted like they were not very familiar with each other, but competition among rivals was not seen.

Yan Cheng Xu has been taking lessons in Japan for 2 months. After pretending to be ugly in his fans gathering, he spontaneously told jokes in the press conference, which was very different from his usual having straight face. (kkla: Sighing! I can't remember when was the last time Jerry had a straight face in public) Although he was arranged to be the first on the listing and when giving speech, even standing in the middle when taking pictures, he independently gave out his middle position to Xiao Chu (Luo), and it clearly shows his intention of not wanting to fight for the "No 1" title.

Then it was reported that Jerry talked about his experences with Wu and how they first met. Then, it was also reported that all 3's idol is Michael Jordon, and Luo's encounter with him when he went to TW last time.

In order to fulfill the dream of having the dreamteam with Yan Cheng Xu, Luo Zhi Xiang, and Wu Zun, the script of Hot Shot has been revised for over 10 times, and even the original name 'Basketfireball' was just changed to 'Hot Shot' by the producer, Feng Jia Rui, in the morning. Before the press conference, GTV's administers were so nervous that he kept running to the restroom. The production team is under a lot of pressure, as the three big idols have only limited time for the filming that the filming will focus on Yan and Wu in December, and Luo in January. The real challenge has just started.


Another article by Lian He Bao also reported after having the 3 big idols in the dreamteam, many manufacturers initated sponsorship in the drama, and the amount has exceeded NT10 millions. For instance, the sports goods and equipment will be sponsored by Adidas, drink by Hey Song, cellphone by LG, etc...

However, the quality of the drama is still considered to be the No. 1 priority by the producer, Feng Jia Riu, and he won't compromise just because the sponsored products are available.

The female lead of Hot Shot has yet to be determined. In the drama, Jiang Yi will play a coach.

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