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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nov. 28, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

Nov. 28, 2007 - TW Apple Daily

kkla: Yesterday, Jerry just updated his blog with pictures of his apartment in Tokyo. Today, TW Apple Daily put the whole story on the front page of entertainment news already.

Yan Cheng Xu's secret location in Tokyo for 3 months has been exposed. Yesterday, his offiicial blog displayed pictures of this '6 Ping' (kkla: about 20 sq. m.) small home with his 'beloved transportation'. Heard that he is 'Yi Ge' in saving money, and he relied on food and drink in the convenient stores in private. His agent, Zhang Mao Liang, indicates, "He is not stingy. He paid for the travel expenses for co-workers' birthdays. He is pretty generous"

The apartment's rent was about NT30,000 per week, and it was paid by the Japanese agency.

In his blog, he wrote, "A while ago, under the agency's arrangement, I went to Tokyo taking some lessions and watching some drama performance. It had been 3 very fulfilling months." In the past, he was a dummie in computer. In order to lower the phone payment, he has great improvement in his computer knowledge, and he started to use Skype for communicating with family and friends in TW. He has also met some local friends in his language class. He adjusted pretty well.

Zhang Mao Liang indicates, "This apartment was found by the agency, about medium price. Buying a bike as he wanted to exercise" As Yan Cheng Xu has popularity in Japan, he is easily recognized when going out for meal. Therefore, due to convenience, he almost relied on food/drink in the convenient stores when needed.

Yan Cheng Xu's thrifty is well known. For some time, he travelled by motorcycle. Even he lived in Japan for a short period of time, he didn't shown any superstar's ostentation. Fans even found him wearing old shoes a lot. His agent stated, "He doesn't have high requirement in material prosperity. He likes to wear his preferred clothes repeatedly, but he is very generous in work related investment." His friend revealed after returning to ordinary life in Japan, he has realized from experiences that he needs to treasure what he is having now.

Jerry's apartment in Tokyo
rent: NT30,000 per week
food: Mainly sandwiches and lunch boxes from convenient stores
Clothing: Jeans and tees. Wore cap when going out to hide his face
Living: 6 Ping
Transportation: Bike, tram, and bus sometimes
source of information: Dramadream

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