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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Extra Freedom - Press Conference, Official Launch

Extra Freedom - Press Conference, Official Launch

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Ciciny posted that there were more than 20-30 cameras from different media. Too bad fans' area was set behind the media area.


It has started
Ah Xu wears beigh top and white jacket
pants are in beigh as well
When he came in
friends' wishes were played on screen
including Ella, Jay, Cai Kang Yong, Gui Lun Mei, Wu Zun, etc...
Now JVR's GM, Yang Jun Rong is talking
He said that the whole JVR likes Jerry very much
He said that Jerry has set too high of the standards on himself
He asked him to change, otherwise, he would have depression in 3 years XD

Yang Jun Rong said that he wanted Jerry to take a break
so he gave him 2 air tickets
with Taipei as the departure point
and asked him to fill out the destination
Ah Xu had thought for a long time
then on the two air tickets, he wrote "Go home and see my mom"
Yang Jun Rong said that these 2 air tickets are specially for Jerry to travel with his mom for fun

now the executive producer, Liu Tian Jian, is talking
said that a crystal dragon boat which is worth 6 figures and weighted 10kg is sent to Jerry
He said that everyone can easily see that Jerry has had some changes
although he continues to be elegant and to be sweet and caring to others
oozes out a special temperament
He said that Ah Xu could sing even better
so he once called Yang Jun Rong and asked whether Ah Xu's too busy
Ah Xu requested him in return via SMS
asked him to give him opportunities to sing even better

The meaning of sending the dragon boat is to wish Jerry to conquer everywhere
Liu Tian Jian said taht Ah Xu is not an ordinary artiste
he is not a local artiste neither
he is an international type of superstar
so his projects need to be noticeable for the whole world
Yang Jun Rong said that he wouldn't ask anything else
except for Jerry to be happy
After sending gifts, Yang Jun Rong and Liu Tian Jian got off the stage.
Then a MV was played
then the host had a conversation with Ah Xu
asked him whether he had recorded it 4 times
Ah Xu said that it was because Teacher Tian Jian's requirement is high
He is very happy to meet and to work with someone who has even higher standards than himself

Now it's media's interview time
so fans are asked to go outside
It should be almost done
saw TVBS, Tai Shi, Min Shi, etc...
P.S. Before the press conference, a lot of media fought for taking pictures/films of the white roses flower basket

one more thing:
when the host asked whether Ah Xu likes the last song, Waiting for your return, the most
Ah Xu said that he likes quite a bit, but he also likes a few other songs a lot.
friend said that she couldn't hear the VCR clip too clearly
Ella told the media specially that Xu Xu is a very gentle and adorable guy
Cai Kang Yong said that Ah Xu does not only have the look, he also has the ability, and he does not only settle in TW, he is also an international superstar who can shine beyond TW. Then he wishes Jerry all the best
JAY said although Ah Xu didn't sing his songs in his new album, he wishes his album to sell wonderfully
Gui Lun Mei said that she had talked to Jerry a lot, and Ah Xu said that both of them need to be better, so they can help more people.

Haven't seen F3 VCR or flower baskets

BTW, a lot of flower baskets were sent by admn of different broadcast companies.

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