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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Secret Journey Alone & Radiant Star

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Secret Journey Alone & Radiant Star

18th June ~ Meeting You Earnestly
Shopping for clothes in Korea and Japan
Spent NT$1 million for a 2 days shot for the covers
A Hit Overseas Beat Fukuyama Masaharu to be No. 1 HMV Champion

JVR Music Co. Jerry’s Agency and SONY MUSIC clashed momentarily due to differences in opinions over Jerry’s album covers. ‘FREEDOM’ being his 2nd album in 5 years, SONY MUSIC wanted to showcase a more private side of Jerry - where he is free to live as he is. In terms of acting and music, Jerry has found new inspirations and viewpoints. His Agency definitely wanted to upkeep his Asian Superstar status and insisted on the best, so a compromise was reached which resulted in double album covers. It took 2 days for the shooting of the album cover - 1 day indoors and the other outdoors. Famous photographer, Xiao Su is behind the lens. Clothing, venue rental and props for the mere 2 day shoot totalled a staggering NT$ 1 million. Fans are duely rewarded for their 5 years wait with the capturing of Jerry being at ease for the ‘Secret Journey Alone’ and his Superstar brilliance in ‘Radiant Star’. The Japanese fans showed their ardent support by making his album pre-sales No. 1 on the Japan HMV charts. It beat Fukuyama Masaharu, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Ken Hirai and other Japanese-Korean artistes, Jerry is truly the pride of Taiwan!

With double covers, album ‘FREEDOM’ will please the fans to no end
Fans Free to choose ‘Secret Journey Alone’ and ‘Starlight’
Meeting Fans Earnestly on the 18th of June

Due to Jerry’s filming schedule, there wasn’t any time to try out the clothes for the album shoot. The day before the shoot, he was filming till past mid-night. Though he didn’t try them out before, every single piece of the clothing fitted to a T. Jerry really lives up to his reputation of being a model of perfection. He looks great in everything that he puts on. The covers are both ‘Secret Journey Alone’ and ‘Radiant Star’. Just looking at the words ~ Secret Journey Alone, we can tell that in private Jerry is cheery, very active and enjoys playing pranks! It is evident in his repartee with stylist, Chen Sun Hua. Since the F4 days, Chen has been styling for him. He joked with him, ‘These clothes were just bought wholesale from Wu Fen Pu* today . . . . . . Ha ha!’ Chen was laughing and peeved at the same time, ‘I risked my life ignoring the H1N1 danger to get these from Korea and Japan.’ The outdoor shoot happened to be where Jerry is filming his new serial ~ Just Want to Be with You. {jiu xiang lai zhe ni} Jerry acted as if he owned the place and showed the crew around. They joked that he sounds like a property agent! With the sunshine and his ‘new home’, Jerry was very happy and even watered the crew with a watering can. This sent all the 20 odd crew to run for cover.

* Wu Fen Pu is known in Taipei for cheap, wholesale fashion bargains.

{Picture hugging the heart ~ Front Cover of ‘Secret Journey Alone’}

{Picture with earphones ~ Back Cover of ‘Secret Journey Alone’}

‘Radiant Star’ evidently is about showcasing Jerry’s Superstardom. When he was shooting indoors on the 2nd day, he had 15 clothing changes and yet he commented, ‘Even after so many photoshoots, I still feel nervous.’ However he complied with the photographer’s requests like a professional and kept changing poses with each clothing change. In the end, the photo with him in a trench coat was chosen. With the romantic Venice as the background, he looks sauve wearing a scarf. The effect is so dramatic, it feels like he is walking in the morning glow and venturing in his journey to a place faraway! The personnel are very satisfied that ‘Secret Journey Alone’ and ‘Radiant Star’ reflects the public and private side of Jerry. The fans will be racking their brains over which cover do to choose.


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