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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

'Pandaman' cast photos revealed for the first time; Vincent Fang, Eric Tsang, Jerry Yan & Wilber Pan all 'work' for Jay Chou

'Pandaman' cast photos revealed for the first time; Vincent Fang, Eric Tsang, Jerry Yan & Wilber Pan all 'work' for Jay Chou

From left to right: Yuhao, Devon, Eric Tsang, Vincent Fang, Jerry Yan, Wilber Pan

Source: Youth Times
Translation: Sarah @

A few days ago when Jay Chou came to Hang Zhou, as the main director, he proudly boasted of his upcoming television series ‘Pandaman’. He revealed that he has already seen some previews of the drama: “very bold, every episode is filmed like a movie.” However, it doesn’t matter how good it sounds, in the end, what’s most important is how good it looks. Yesterday, the studio released cast photos to some of the media, setting off one large exposure. Looking at the cast photos, it indeed gives off the feeling of a film, no wonder Jay is content to such a stage!

‘Pandaman’ has already been filming for almost 4 months, and will wrap up soon. Director Jay has always liked to be low-key, and during filming, he kept everything very secretive. Only until yesterday, were cast photos revealed, and the full cast list announced. Not only does it include Jay Chou, ‘J-girl’ Jessie Chiang, Nan Quan Ma Ma and Tang Ma, it also includes big names such as Wilber Pan, Jerry Yan, Eric Tsang, Vincent Fang etc who will be guesting.

Yu Hao & Devon play superman & heroic

Television series ‘Pandaman’ tells of a story that takes place in 2030. 2 sunshine boys full of justice and challenge transform themselves into ‘Panda Superman’ and ‘Panda Heroic’, using rival Batman’s power to start a life-or-death battle against a criminal gang, ultimately to protect the citizens of Guang Ming City.

‘Pandaman’ main leads ‘Panda Superman’ & ‘Panda Heroic’ have been the public’s main interest, and will be played by Nan Quan Ma Ma’s Yu Hao & Devon, respectively. Both these Pandamen come from different backgrounds – one rich, one poor. The former is like iron and steel, he often wears a helmet, a black & white jacket and a red scarf. As for the latter, his appearance is much more simple. Often, he only wears a panda mask, and shoulder pads. But he was born with extraordinary superhuman strength, and is a master of Kung Fu. Although the 2 are from different backgrounds and have different appearances, their sense of justice and their ‘panda’ symbol is ultimately identical. The 2 both have a panda head, and big black eyes and ears. And their behaviours mimic the shadows of a panda. If ‘Panda Superman’ plays with bamboo nunchucks, then ‘Panda Heroic’ likes to drink bamboo shoot soup.

Eric Tsang & Vincent Fang guest

Besides ‘Panda Superman’ and ‘Panda Heroic’, there is also another character ‘Pirated version Pandaman’ and this will be played by Eric Tsang. Jay had previously worked with Eric in ‘Kung Fu Dunk’ and they became good friends, hence Jay invited Eric to take part in this drama. Amongst the cast photos, Eric acts in a ‘Pandaman rescuing beauty’ scene. He witnesses a criminal gang abducting a mother and daughter, hence he risks his life to save them. The drama staff members revealed that during filming, Eric insisted on calling himself ‘Panda Superman’ wanting good to overcome evil, and he even did number of Superman’s classic poses, constantly making staff members burst into laughter.

The other guest is Vincent Fang. Where Jay is concerned, how can he be missing? But this time, he has a big transformation and plays an arms dealer. Although his character gets shot not long after he appears, but in the cast photos, with his black jacket, a cigar in his mouth, and accompanied by beautiful women, definitely full of gangster flavour.

Jay Chou & Jerry Yan will have an exciting fighting scene

In the drama, besides the 2 main ‘Pandamen’ protecting the citizens of Guang Ming City, director Jay Chou will also play ‘Detective Leo’, working with the ‘Pandamen’ to let good overcome evil.

Jerry Yan will play ‘Detective Chen’ and he will have an exciting fighting scene with ‘Detective Leo’. Both being detectives, what kind of conflict will arise? And what kind of chemistry will be produced? The drama crew refuse to divulge any further information.

Other than this, Wilber Pan will also be guesting in this drama as charmingly naïve ‘Jason’. With his glasses and ‘cool’ image, many females fight to date him. Wilber expressed that playing this foolish character is a challenge for him and he will also be involved in a love scene with female lead ‘Pandawoman’ Tang Yan.

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