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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aug 15, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

Aug 15, 2009 - TW Apple Daily

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Sing and Call For Contribution in Japan
Yan Cheng Xu Donated NT3.42 Millions

Yesterday Jerry Yan Cheng Xu had meet sessions in Osaka and sang the Japanese version of I Will Love You Very Much.

For the cartoon figure doll on Yan Cheng Xu's palm, 1000 pieces will be available for sale for raising contribution.

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu had 2 meet sessions in Osaka (Japan) yesterday, but he thinks about the victims in Taiwan the whole time, so he didn't just donate NT 1 million during the live phone link-up with the charity show, Want To Have A Home, he also called for more contribution at the meet sessions as well. During his meet sessions with fans, he even led 3000 fans shouting, "Go, Taiwan! Go!" Furthermore, his fans from all over the world have donated NT415,000 so far. Including the NT2 millions from the sales of the 1000 limited edition cute figure dolls, because of Jerry, totally NT3.415 millions would be donated to the victims this time.

Live Phone Link-up From Overseas

Yan Cheng Xu is very low profiled in private and he usually maintains anonymous when making contributions to the charity . However, after watching the vicitims' suffering on tv this time, he felt very sad, and decided to come out and to call for people to give out money if they have money, and to provide assistance if they have resources, "Although I am not in Taiwan at this time, I want to give my share" During his meet session in Osaka at around 6pm, he also scheduled a time to have live phone link-up with the charity show, Want To Have A Home, coordinated by Sanli TV and this newspaper in Taiwan, and donated NT 1 million in the show. At the venue of his Japanese meet sessions, contribution box was set up for donation, and this brought special meaning to his yearly meet sessions. He said, "Hope to bring in more contribution with this."

1000 Limited Edition Dolls For Sale

Jerry's fans have a slogon, Love Yan Cheng Xu The Most, Spread The Love Outward. It doesn't matter where is the disaster, they will make contribution with Jerry's name. Like this time, up to now, his fans have donated a total of NT 415,000 by (NT 100,000), (NT 100,000), and (NT 215,000). In addition, Jerry's official website will respond to the call for contribution as well, and it will provide 1000 limited edition, cartoon figure Jerry dolls for fans to purchase with the price of 10,000 yen (about NT 3461) for each. Each doll will come with a thank you card with Jerry's autograph. After excluding the cost, it is estimated that a total of NT 2 millions can be donated. Purchase details will be posted on Jerry's official website.

A Sick Child Worries About Flooding At Idol's Home

Yesterday afternoon, the meet session was held in Osaka. Long before it was started, a lot of fans had queued up in the sun holding an umbrella. Among all, the most touching one is a 12-year-old female fan, Xi Shi, who has motor neurone disease which is close to what Guan Ying's character had in Starlit. She started learning Chinese because of Jerry. Although she can't breathe by herself or talk, she operates the computer with her physically restricted left hand. She worries about the situation in Taiwan and concerns that there is flooding at Jerry's home. She hopes that Jerry can "come to Japan all the time".

Yesterday, Jerry sang the Japanese version of I Will Love You Very Much to start the meet session, and it brought out a lot of screams by fans. One female fan even expressed her love on spot and asked him, "Will you marry a foreigner?" He answered, "It's possible. I can even learn language from another country." The female fan volunteered immediately and he replied with a sweet, big smile saying, "Nice to meet you!" Of course, this made fans' hearts pounding.

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  1. ooh,...please marry me Jerry Yan. I'm a Filipina,.and I'm currently learning how to speak mandarin as well..and I'm good in English, I can teach you, then you teach me HOW TO SPEAK MANDARIN too...Jia you Jerry ,,I love you!! WO SI HUAN NI!!! WO AI NI!!!