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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jerry Yan has new director dream

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Sarah @

Following in the footsteps of Jay Chou & Leon Lai, Jerry Yan has also ignited a director dream! Recently, he has been busy filming GTV idol drama ‘Down With Love’ and during his free time, he would perch next to the cameraman to learn filming techniques. It seems he’s already started to secretly learn to become a director, hoping that in the future he will have the opportunity to personally step up to the role.

Loves to chat & learn from directors

Earlier, Jerry guested in Jay Chou’s self-directed drama ‘Pandamen’ and although the 2 are both under ‘JVR’ management company, they seemed to have few interactions at the filming scene. Jay expressed: “He has more to say with Will Liu, because he is quite an introvert, and needs to be guided.” Although they had few interactions, Jay’s directing had a big influence on Jerry, plus after watching good friend Leon Lai’s self-directed film ‘No puedo vivir sin ti’ he was amazed and touched.

Jerry usually likes to study 3C products, and he is also very interested in camera lens and photography. He has collaborated with many directors, including Director Cai, Director Lin & Director Ke etc, and he loves to chat with them about the filming process. He often has many surprise actions, and would personally prepare sunglasses, masks, and other little props. He has so many cheeky ideas that it makes directors sigh in amusement, especially when he would perch beside the cameraman to learn filming techniques, making all the staff members tease the cameraman: “You’re going to have no food soon!” (translator note: they’re joking that Jerry's gonna steal his job so he’ll be out of money XD)

Plans to achieve dream in 2-3 years

Jerry has been caught secretly learning filming techniques, and it seems he intends on moving forward on the director path. Yesterday, his manager Fenny revealed: “Jerry does hope to get the opportunity in the future to achieve his director dream.” According to sources, Jerry hopes to achieve his director dream within 2-3 years.

Jay Chou certain he will quickly achieve dream

Currently, Jay is in America, but his staff members expressed in private that Jay feels Jerry is very serious towards filming, and based on his serious attitude, he believes that he will quickly be able to achieve his dream.

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