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Monday, August 24, 2009

Chen Zi Han Discloses Exchange of Contact Number with Jerry Yan

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Chen Zi Han Discloses Exchange of Contact Number with Jerry Yan
Translations by: Syyang @

“Jerry Yan is very charismatic. I am often ‘electrified’ by him when filming our interaction scenes.” Yesterday afternoon, pretty female actress Chen Zi Han seized the opportunity, to be a phone line operator, in a web-based activity to interact with netizens in Hangzhou. In response to media queries on which male actor has the most “electrifying eyes” among those she has worked with, Chen replied on her devotion to Jerry Yan, “His thoughtfulness is unparalleled.”

Having acted in various roles from female agent to soldier, and a superstar in the latest [Down With Love] which will wrap up filming soon, Chen’s roles varied vastly. While faced with intense competition from younger actors and actresses, she shared that she wishes to try out different roles to test the versatility of her onscreen images.

In sharing on [DWL]’s screen lover, Jerry Yan, Chen put on blissful expression and said, “Jerry Yan is very charismatic. From each of his hug and gaze, I could feel his gentleness and sensitivity.” Chen further revealed that many of her “NG” (no good) shots were as a result of being “overwhelmed and electrified” by Yan and thus, she was unable to continue filming. “In the production crew, we are like family. Even after filming, Ella would often keep in touch with me via text messages. I also left my contact information with Xu-Xu (affectionate address for Jerry), and I hope that we can stay in touch more often in future.”

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For your information, Chen's agency Hua Yi (華誼), which is a very powerful agency in Mainland China and known to fry news for promotion. Read that years ago, Hua Yi attempted to get Jerry and ZZ's management contracts in the Mainland China area, but without success. So far, although Jerry's name was mentioned in the news released by Hua Yi, it's tolerable.

According to Ella's fans, Hua Yan (華研)will release DWL's soundtrack, but Jerry won't sing any songs in it.

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