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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

[Down With Love] Filming in Hangzhou, Jerry Yan & Ella Play Tricks While Filming

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Translation by: Syyang @

Tabloid reports of pounding the table, throwing things, change of 8 artiste manager in 3 years* (sy: Jerry-fans have clarified this was not the case), rumoured girlfriends one after another… Jerry Yan may have rose to fame overnight with the successful portrayal of “Bao Long – Dao Ming Si” in [Meteor Garden] years back, but he also accidentally became the bad-tempered “Bao Long” of the entertainment industry, unintentionally.

Jerry Yan, who stars as the male lead of [Down With Love] is currently filming in Hangzhou, China. His female lead has now changed from Da-S (Barbie Hsu) to Ella. And Jerry has also transformed from a rich man’s son to a “lethal-tongued” lawyer. Being an introvert who is not used to expressing himself, Jerry admitted that since acting along with Ella in the serial, the extrovert Ella’s optimism and outright personality, like that of a little boy, has influenced him greatly. On the filming site, even the usually cool and aloof looking Jerry Yan has started his playful antics which left many, shocked.

Jerry Acts as Director to Ella

In a bungalow in the heart of Hangzhou, Jerry and Ella were filming in a closed-off but bustling environment, beginning the shooting of an important scene, for 3.5 hours. In the luxurious dining hall, the table was filled with all kinds of delicacies. Xiang Yu Ping (Jerry), Yang Guo (Ella), Qi Ke Zhong (Michael Zhang) and Qi-mama (Rong Rong) were having their meal together. YG was eating nervously, in order to leave Qi-mama with a good impression. However when she was about to sip her soup, she actually gave a big loud sneeze. In this scene, Jerry volunteered to be Ella’s director. During the first shooting, Ella instinctively used her hand to cover her mouth while she sneezed. However, Jerry, who was sitting beside her immediately offered her “pointers”, “Don’t use your hand to cover. If you do, you won’t be Yang Guo anymore.” In response to his comment, Ella stuck out her tongue.

While filming the second shot, Ella no longer covered her mouth with her hand. Her lack of etiquette and table-manners immediately incurred Qi-mama’s wrath. This time, “Bao Long” then quickly passed Ella a piece of tissue to wipe her mouth. When the director shouted – “Cut”, Ella immediately jumped up hyper-ly and exclaimed aloud, “Xiang Yu Ping, do you know the tissue you just passed me was exactly the same one you used earlier?” With the aid of the “surveillance” camera, and the evidence in the playback, everyone saw Jerry wiped his hand on a piece of tissue before filming starts. Then he placed the tissue back and it was indeed the same sheet he passed to Ella subsequently.

Nice “Bao Long” Offers Free Massage for Others

However Bao Long’s playful antics have not ended as yet. While he does not need to film, he would place his legs on the chair Ella was sitting on, out of sheer boredom. Then he would use his toe to poke at Ella’s legs. Trying hard not to burst out laughing, Ella would continue to speak her lines. But never did one expect Jerry to continue poking at her even more enthusiastically. Ella had to bear with the urge to laugh until the director finally shouted for camera to stop rolling. Then Ella would immediately shove his legs away and retort aloud, “Ah! I can’t stand it! Asian Heavenly King Jerry Yan is a pervert!”

According to members of the crew, during breaks, Jerry’s greatest hobby is to offer massage for others. At the end of almost every shoot, he would run over to the machine to watch the playback of his own performance. At this point, whoever is standing in front of him would stand to benefit from his massage. However after a few seconds of indulgence, everyone would snap back to reality and joke, “Aiyah, if Jerry-fans witness this, they might beat us up! His massage is definitely comfortable, but our personal safety is also very important.” This, probably, also caused “Bao Long” much concern.


[Down With Love] Films under Scorching Heat; Off-screen, Jerry likes to be Masseur
Translation by: Syyang @

These few days, joint venture idol serial (between An Hui Wei Shi, GTV, Jin Xi Media) - [Down With Love] is being filmed under the scorching heat of Hangzhou. The nearly 40 Degree Celsius weather for days, coupled with passion from over 10 fans on-site, has added much “heat” to the production team. Everyone was drenched in perspiration despite filming in a luxurious bungalow. As voice recording was done at the same time of filming, the air-conditioners have to be turned off. Hence, Jerry Yan, Chen Zi Han, Ella, Yuan Wen Kang, Michael Zhang and everyone present had a hard and hot time filming. Despite working under such high temperature, super-star idol Jerry Yan had not forgotten to bring happiness to others. Yesterday, our reporter learnt about some interesting things about Jerry on-site during filming.

According to our sources, Jerry’s greatest hobby during breaks between filming, was to give massage to others. At the end of each shot, he would walk over to the machine to check out the playback of his own performance. Anyone who is standing on front of him then would stand to benefit from his massage. Sometimes, it might be the make-up artist, the director, or the administrator. Usually after a few seconds of indulgence, everyone would snap back to reality and joke, “Aiyah, if Jerry-fans witness this, they might beat us up! His massage is definitely comfortable, but our personal safety is also very important.” This caused Jerry, who was itching to show-off his massage skills, much concern.

On the other hand, Ella was quick to catch a handle against Jerry. His initial line from the script - “Miss Yang used to be the nanny of my nephew” ended up being “Miss Yang used to be my nephew”. This caused Ella to nearly breakdown and exclaimed, “When did I ever turn into your nephew? AH! I’ve met a crazy fellow!” Everyone on-site, including Jerry, burst into laughter upon hearing her retort.

Jerry likes to share lame (aka cold or anti-) jokes and this applied to his scripted lines as well. There was a scene whereby Xiang Yu Ping (XYP) went to Hangzhou’s Qi family to look for Yang Guo (YG), and the irritated Qi-mama was complaining about YG to XYP; meanwhile XYP was getting anxious having learnt that Qi Ke Zhong confessed his love for YG, XYP tugged at Qi-mama’s arm, trying to get away. While rehearsing, Jerry had changed his initial lines - “I have something very, very urgent! I need to immediately find that Miss Yang!” to “I am very, very urgent and need the gents, Qi-mama, please let me go, ok?” Everyone was stunned momentarily, and it took them a while to realize he was merely joking. His assistant really thought Jerry needed the gents and was prepared to walk over to show him the way. Given the setback, Jerry said, “Isn’t it funny? It is very funny mah!”

Even when giving a treat of cold drinks to the crew, Jerry could not miss the chance to share his jokes. He smiled at one of the crew members, “Sorry, I did not buy your share!” That particular crew member was also very obliging and pretended to look dejected, “Ah, really? Then I am going to cry to my death, I want to go back to Taiwan!” Meanwhile, bystanders (crew) who observed the exchange could not take it and added jokingly, “Oh please, such a lame joke and you guys can carry on acting!”

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  1. oh..Jerry Yan is so cute..I Love DWL; HE is really a great man..and so this is the reason why I'm proud to say that I'm obsessed with Him since it's worth it, he has a kind heart and simple yet very real..I love you Jery!!!