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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Down With Love tops P.S. Man in idol drama ratings

Source : Chinatimes, Liberty Times, UDN, CNA
Credit : PA @

The new SETTV drama P.S. Man was off to a great start 2 weeks ago with the help of a short episode of Autumn’s Concerto. It returned to the ratings battle last Sunday on its own, and as expected, its ratings dropped further down to 3.23%. Jerry Yan and Ella Chen’s Down With Love took over the number one spot with 3.27% for the first time since it went on the air.

Interestingly, early news reports crowned P.S. Man as the ratings “winner”, because it won the demographic of viewers between the ages of 15 to 44 with 4.57%. CTV and GTV also announced that Down With Love won the “OL” (office lady) demographic with 5.4%. Although there is no clear winner at this point, the loser for sure is Because of You. Its average rating hit a new low at 0.28%.

Taking a quick look back at ratings over the past month, Autumn’s Concerto was averaging around 15% in the demographic of female viewers between 15-34. The numbers dropped to 8 from 9% when P.S. Man came on the air, while Down With Love stayed consistent at 4 to 5%. Approximately a third of the young woman viewers from Autumn’s Concerto were lost as they didn't continue to watch either one of the currently airing dramas.

P.S. Man will look for a boost in ratings when their second male lead James Wen makes his entrance on the next episode. The drama has been suffering from weak writing and some questionable acting by the two model-turned-actresses, especially in the case of Bianca Bai. It will be a tough climb for P.S. Man as Jerry Yan and Ella Chen will be back for more Down With Love promotions on White Day (March 14th) with a special event.

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