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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ella Teases that Jerry is No Sweet-Talker, Hence, Unable to Woo Girls

Source: China Times

Translated by : Shyun_y@

Ella’s luck in romance has always been blooming. She was once said to be dating musician Chen Xi, and speculated to be in past romances with Jerry Huang and Wu Chun respectively. Even Baron Chen, whom she has not collaborated with, was once rumoured to be her boyfriend by the media. However all these “romances” all died down eventually. Recently she has filmed CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] and her co-star, Jerry Yan, was the only male artiste whom she was not rumoured to be in a romantic relationship with, amongst her co-stars. In response to media probes, Ella said, she has learned now to enjoy her life by herself. As she is apprehensive of “troubles”, she would look for someone outside the entertainment circle if she is to fall in love again. She will definitely not lose her head when love strikes next time.

Ella shared that she would be like a “little woman” in romance. But having gone through a few heartbreaks, she has realized that “Girls would, firstly, need to love themselves and seek independence, before they would exude individual charms unique to them.” In the past, she used to like to spend a lot of time with her other half, with daily calls etc, but now she felt there is no need for such “stickiness”. “I will not die without love. Though, it is a nice-to-have.” She teased that Jerry is no sweet-talker and belong more to the “actions speak louder than words” kind of guys. But on the contrary, girls usually prefer to listen to the “sweet nothings”. “I can understand why his love life is still empty.”

Both artistes, Jerry and Ella, have been named “Ping-Guo Little Couple” by netizens and fans. Their costumes, accessories and bags used in the drama serial [Down With Love] have become conversational topics and interests of many. Last week, in [DWL], Jerry gave Ella some “Sweets of Love”. Immediately on the following day, the shop received phone enquiries from members of the public. Within a week, the sales orders for these sweets have accumulated to over 50,000 boxes. Not only have [DWL]’s characters brought business opportunities for the merchants, in this week’s episode whereby Jerry’s role will fly to Hangzhou, intending to profess his love for Ella’s character; during filming at the airport, many fans were attracted to the scene as if sight-seeing.

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  1. loveJY_nextlife6:34 PM

    Sweet talkers are not reliable... Whoever marries Jerry is a very fortunate lady. He is filial, sincere and down to earth person from what I saw and heard of all the updates on him. You have my support Jerry!