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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jerry Yan's fans would like to see him in his underwear

Jerry Yan's fans would like to see him in his underwear
Source: CpopAccess

Jerry Yan traveled to Australia eight years ago for his photo album Amphibian, which went on to set a record for selling over a million copies. He went back to Southern Australia again to shoot his new photo album 9314 Man and Boy. The title refers to the distance of 9314 KM between Taiwan to Adelaide, Australia. Jerry broke away from his idol image by going in front of the camera without any make up. He said, “My body has always contained the conflicting roles of a boy and a man. I’m not an idol. The purpose of not putting on makeup is to let everyone see to real Jerry Yan.”

9314 Man and Boy took over 8 days to shoot in Australia. His crew included top photographer Liang Su, stylist Chen Sun-Hua and make up artist Aiko, who was only responsible for putting on sun screen. The manpower alone cost over 1.50 million (NTD), in addition to 7 suitcases of clothing that were worth over a million.

The photo album has been three years in the making, and 200 of the best photos were chosen out of 5000. It will be accompanied by a 40,000-word written monologue, along with the two singles “Men’s tears” and “Down with Love”. The photo album will be available in Traditional/Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. It also includes Jerry’s own critique on himself, and his gratitude to others.

In regards to rumors that the album contains pictures of him in briefs, his manger Fenny denied, “Jerry wore shorts in the pictures that were taken in the dessert, and (he was) covered with a lamb wool blanket.” The pre-order for his photo album will start on the 10th. Fans of Jerry can get their copy autographed on the 13th at the Ximending Red House with a pre-order receipt.

Original Articles: AppledailyTW, Sohu

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