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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yan Cheng Xu Self Exposed To Love The Wrong Person

Mar 25, 2010 - TW Apple Daily

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Yan Cheng Xu Self Exposed To Love The Wrong Person
Dated "Older Brother's" Girl, Nose Was Broken

Although Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry) is Asian's Heavenly King now, he once had the young and wild side. When he was in the secondary school, in order not to be isolated, he followed an "older brother" in a group, and mistakenly had a "love relationship". He never thought that, she had a gangster boyfriend, and his nose was hit to be broken by revenge. Afterward, he also found that, actually, who she liked was not him, the one who really liked him was her good friend, and that girl friend even commited suicide because of the incident. Luckily that girl was fine at the end.

In Jerry's newest photo album, 9314 Man And Boy, there is an article, 13 Year-Old Love's Killing Incident. In the article, it was written about his young and wild secondary school period. During the secondary school period, the single-parent and poor Jerry had 2 identities. He was the class monitor in school, but after school, he was an "older brother's" follower. He followed him to eat and play, and hoped to find the sense of belonging.

Young and Wild
Chased By A Watermelon Knife

Jerry was very popular at school. He was even liked by one of the most beautiful "8 Fairies" at school. At first, he didn't pay attention that he even said, "I only know 8 Generals". After school, he rushed to his part time job for making his living. One evening, he met a girl at the school entrance, he thought that she was the one who liked him, then they started to meet in private, and he thought that he was in love.

But later, Jerry foung that actually that girl had a gangster boyfriend, and the one of the "8 fairies" who liked him was the girl's girl friend, but not the girl. The girl's girl friend found that Jerry was dated by her friend, she even cut her wrist to commit suicide. Luckily, she was ok at the end. The gangster boyfriend knew that someone was dating his girlfriend, he called a group to give Jerry some punches. Therefore, Jerry ended up breaking his nose, with blood all over his white shirt.

During his secondary school period, Jerry was very loyal to his friends. Once he was called to a karaoke restaurant. He didn't know nothing and he went with his friend. When he got there, he saw his "older brother" and another friend, and the whole restaurant had only them, 4 people. Then his "older brother" started to break everything in the restaurant. He was so shocked that he was frozen. Shortly after, all of a sudden, a dozen of people came in with the watermelon knivies. At first, he thought that he would be dead. He thought of death in his mind. Luckily, they were ok at the end, as the one who went there with his "older brother" was a cop. However, when he came out to the street, he continued shaking, as he thought of the scene of his mom being very sad. After that incident, he started to reject some unnecessary invitations, as he didn't want his mom to be sad.

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