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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dumped Jerry Yan On-Screen, Off-Screen Chen Zi Han Values Feelings More

Date: 8/1/2010



Dumped Jerry Yan On-Screen, Off-Screen Chen Zi Han Values Feelings More

Starring Ella and Jerry Yan, GTV and CTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love] aired its 2nd episode yesterday. The average viewership ratings increased from the 1st episode of 2.63 to 3.37. In addition to female lead, Ella’s bubbly acting performance being well-received and liked by audiences; the China-born actress Chen Zi Han, who is acting as Jerry’s celebrity girlfriend – “Ding Huifan”, became a topic of discussion.

Earlier Chen has acted as Guo Fu in [Return of the Condor Heros] and Xiao Qing in [Legend of Madam White Snake] to rise to fame in China. Her most recent project was acting as Jerry Yan’s celebrity girlfriend in [Down With Love]. Her debut appearance in [DWL] has seen her breaking up and reuniting with Jerry one scene after another, resulting in Jerry’s character to feel dejection. This attracted many netizens to start to “scold” her. However Chen said, to give up love for one’s career is closer to her perspective to love in real life. When asked if she would consider the background and wealth of her prospective life partner, she said, “Everyone would want to find a Prince Charming. But in relation to riches, I would value feelings more.”

An actress with a lot of acting projects, other than the celebrity role in [DWL], Chen has also acted as a celebrity in 2007’s [Love Strategy], which is currently aired in Taiwan too. Chen expressed she is “not worried of comparison”. With a good figure with a bustline of 34E, Chen has recently done a series of photo shoots for a sexy pictorial book and her image in the book will be worlds apart from her innocent image in [DWL].


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