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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yan Cheng Xu's Acting Won The Public Voting

February 9, 2010
TW Apple Daily

Voting On Taiwan Yahoo Supported By 50,000 People, Yan Cheng Xu's Acting Won The Public Voting

In Taiwan Yahoo's voting of The Best Actor Among Idols, 3 members of F4 "shared the world". In the process, Yan Cheng Xu (Jerry), Wu Jian Hao, and Zhou Yu Min(Zai Zai) led the voting periodically. At the end, Jerry won the champion with 53,154 votes, and Vanness and Zai Zai won the 2nd and 3rd place with 44544 and 25588 votes respectively.

Recently, Jerry and Wu Jian Hao are rivals in Sunday's idol dramas and the competition has been nervewracking. The CTV/GTV drama played Jerry, Down With Love, had the average rating of 3.37 by AC Nielsen (= 2.71 millions of audiences), which lost to Autumn's Concerto, the Sanli idol drama played by Wu Jian Hao, which had the average rating of 7.67(= 3.5 millions of audiences). However, in the voting held by Taiwan Yahoo, in return, Jerry beat Wu Jian Hao.

The voting of The Best Actor Among Idols was held by Taiwan Yahoo between February 2 and February 9, and there were totally 171,504 votes. Among them, Jerry received 30.8% of support, and Wu Jian Hao and Zai Zai had 26% and 14.9% of support respectively. Besides, the 4th and 5th places are Luo Zhi Xiang with 13531 votes (7.9%) and Ming Dao with 10056 votes (5.9%),

Jerry is in Japan at this time. Yesterday, after knowing the voting result, he said, "Thanks all who voted for me. Let's work hard together." Wu Jian Hao is happy that F4 is supported and said, "This is very big encouragement for me. I am happy." Zai Zai's agent, Zhi Xiang Li, said yesterday, "Thanks for everyone's support. We better focus on the dramas and show everyone good projects."

Ella Knelt To Have Climax

Wu Jian Hao showed his physique in Autumn's Concerto, and his performance was praised.

For Jerry's Down With Love, the time slot with the highest rating (4.66) was the scene when Ella knelt in front of him. Last Sunday, Ella knelt down to have good ratings again. When she broke Jerry's beloved sculpture, David, she knelt down in front of Jerry again, and it brought out the highest rating, 6.13, in the time slot of a minute. Through her agency, Ella indicated that she would donate NT100,000 to if the average rating is higher than 3. In the future, she will donate another NT100,000 if the average rating is up for another 2%. Ella said, "In the drama, I played a nanny, so I feel more that children really need a lot of care and love in order to grow up happily."

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