Jerry Yan Fan Meet in Manila 2004

My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 1/4

Translation by Shyun_y@

CLIP 1/4
Date: 6/2/2010

Programme: Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 1/4

F = Zhang Fei aka Fei-ge

E = Ella

J = Jerry

< > = Words on Screen

Clip 1/4:
credits: Uploader

F: Hello, everyone! Our CTV is going to release a new serial - [Down With Love]. With this drama, it is a rare ocassion for our male and female leads to be in studio with us. As our male lead is tall... (fans cheer) Haha... And very suave (fans cheer)... Very handsome and charismatic (fans cheer)... As a result, he is highly unpredictable! (laughs) Never did we expect at this point in time, our female lead gave us a big help. (camera shows JE) Speaking of our female lead, in Asia's female pop group, the trio which includes her groupmates and her can be said to have the whole world under their feet. Especially the one who is here today, our female lead for the serial, (teases E, F laughs) she has been showing defiance to her group recently! Just what is she up to? Is it because of the remuneration that she accepts the acting assignment? Or is she smitten by the male lead? (E purposely leans on J, J laughs. Fans cheer) This can be said to be...

F: (to JE) Wei~~ (E laughs playfully) Let us welcome our superstar, Miss Ella!

E: (in Shantung dialect) Fellow folkmate!

F: (in Shantung dialect) Lady!

E: (in Shantung dialect) Fellow folkmate, it's been a while since I last see you!~~ I miss you ah~~

F: (in Shantung dialect) Lady~~

E: (in Shantung dialect) What's up?

F: (stifles laugh) It's strange... People say as a lady grows old, they tend to shrink. But why have you grown taller?

E: Because I am on "chicken-bone shoes" (heels) today!

F: Aiyo?! These are called "chicken-bone shoes"?!

E: Right, they are made from chicken bones, hence extremely narrow.

F: (took off his shoe to show his socks) Then you must see my "skinless shoes"! (all laugh) You've removed the bones, while I've removed the skin!

E: We are so matched for each other...

F: I will feel a little pressure now when I interview Ella.

E: Why?

F: Because it is no longer like the times I'm interviewing S.H.E

E: No, I've not changed. I am still your "fellow folkmate".

F: The change is not one which is detectable. Just like when I was introducing the male lead just now, I could feel the distant.

E: (quickly) No lah. After you've interacted with him later, you'll know he's not.

F: Because my programme has been on for 7 years, do you know I've been waiting for him since [The Hospital]?

E: (playfully) Aiyo~ He never turn up! He should not have done that! (J laughs)

F: He didn't give me face!

E: (teases J) He's so arrogant!

F: (gasped) Ah! This is arrogance?!

E: Yes, arrogant, very arrogant.

FE burst out laughing. J laughs tongue-in-cheek at FE's teasing.

F: We don't dare to call him "arrogant".

E: (cheekily) But I dare to.

F: You do?

E: Ah, I'm close to him, so don't bother about him. (sniggers as all laugh)

F: Really! You are indeed very gutsy! So today, you must really give me a hand.

E: I will, I will definitely..

F: As I've mentioned earlier, for taking on this acting project, are you doing it for money or for his good looks?

E: (sighs) Actually, I've been pondering about this at home for a long time.

F: Oh...

E: As I've (all burst out laughing including J) Eh?! I've said it wrongly...

F: You are not making sense already! This has been proven totally, just like this serial's title, you just want to "lai zhe" him (stick with him)!

All applause.

F: Am I right? This is it, right?

E: Aiyo~ Fine.

F: Or should he be the one who wishes to "lai zhe" you? (fans cheer)

E: Definitely he's the one who wants to stick with me! (laugh)

F: I am so happy that your new drama is going to meet everyone via CTV. It is your performance in another arena. Today we are very happy to also invite the male lead to our show.

E: Right.

F: Right. It's for real!

E: Really!

F: Let's welcome Jerry Yan! (all cheer and applause)

E: (to J, calling him by affectionate nick for hubby) Gong~ Come, come, quick meet our "fellow folkmate"!

J: Hello Fei-ge.

F: See, <>

E: (speaks up for J) No lah! No lah!

F: This is unfair! (to E) You have to pull my hand too, you know as men, we...

E: Ok, ok...

F: One more time...

E: Ok, one more time... (to J) You walk over here again...

F: (stunned as J listens to E) Huh?!

E: Ok, ready, come in...

F: Welcome, superstar Jerry Yan!

E pulls F's hand but he purposely refused to let go.

J: (reaches out) Hello, Fei-ge.

E: (to F) Don't be moody, come... (hugs F) Be good...

F: It is hard being a host today.

E: Why?

F: (in Jap) Japanese fans

E: A lot of Japanese fans.

F: (to J) So you've to greet your fans in Japanese, especially they came all the way here to Taiwan.

J: (in Jap) Hello everyone...

E: (in Jap) I love you... I love you...

F: We have fans from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore...

E: (in Thai) Sawadeekrap (for males to say)

F: (points to Thai fans) Sawadeekrap!

E: (in Malay) Terima kasih!

J: Sawadeekrap! Sawadeekrap!

F: See, all "3 bowls of pig trotters" are all in our studio (all laugh)
(in Minnan dialect = sawadeekrap sounds like "san wan di ka" which means 3 bowls of pig trotters)

FE: (in Korean) An-nyung-ha-se-yo!

E: (in Korean) Gahm-sah-hahm-ni-da!

Fans: Hong Kong...

E: (in Cantonese) Hong Kong fans... Friends from Hong Kong...

F: Speak in Cantonese...

J: (in Cantonese) Long time no see... Thank you. Thank you.

F: What exactly is this drama about? Let's reveal a little... [Down With Love]. The director's initial idea was the female character wanting to stick with the male character or vice versa?

JE: Actually it's...

E: The male who wish to stick with the female...

J: (playfully) Actually I thought it was for the female to be with the female...

E: (laughs) No lah~ Don't anyhow say!

F: Huh? It's such a drama?! Brokeback mountain category?!

E: No lah! I must do a proper introduction! (pretends to be agitated) Aiya~ Both of you are out of control already! (All laugh) Please allow me to give a proper introduction to the drama!... I'm stuttering already...

F: Ok!

E: In this serial, it is indeed more like the male wanting to stick with the female character. (gestures to herself and then J) Male sticking with female! (words of Male on E and Female on J)

All laugh.

F: Oh I see!

E: Exactly, exactly! So you have a clear idea now huh?

F: I'm clear.

E: In the drama, I am acting as a little rich girl who turned poor. And I've to work very hard to earn money. With a twist of fate, I ended up in his house to work as a nanny... leading to a series of interactions and stories between us.

F: Oh I see...

J: And I feel that she (E) is <>. It's... it's... (all cheer)... Because I am seldom in Taiwan, initially I do not know much about her. But since working wiht her, I discovered Taiwanese are really very fortunate to have such a good...

E: (shy at being praised, started to fidget playfully by turning left and right to divert attention) <> (All laugh and cheer)... Aiyo, he kept making his love confession, Fei-ge!!

J: I am really very serious... Because...

E: Furthermore, he really likes to keep making his confession... (J laughing) A few days ago, he told the reporters, when he was singing the theme song, he was singing it for me. But he never tell me that directly. And he kept making his love confession over the airwaves! I really feel so embarrassed.

F: But really, will the on-screen romance turned into a real one eventually? There could really be a possiblity.

E: No lah~ We are really good friends. Good buddies.

F: But when I saw Jerry just now... Jerry sounded very sincere just now.

J: She has high expectations... She prefers those like...

E: (warning tone, looks at J) What?!

Fans: (excited) Ehhhhhhh~~~~

E: (to J, pretends to be fierce) Don't anyhow say...

F: Aiya~~ (to J) Don't do the the love confession to her on my behalf?! (mimics E to twist and turn)

All burst out laughing.

E: Fei-ge is so adorable!

J: (teases E) <>

E: (pats F's hair) Exactly, hairy guys! So man!

J: Actually, Fei-ge, personally I've always wanted to say this to you. I am very envious of you.

F: Huh?

J: Really, really... Hmmm... I feel that you are very manly and charismatic!

E: Man! Very manly!

F: Actually there are many firms who want me to take up their advertisements, but I've rejected them. It's not...

E: Why?

F: Because you mentioned manly... You know those potency products... (E bursts out laughing)... So those potency tonics etc... (in dialect) Man must be strong, have to take this and that....

J: (jokes) This kind... Recently both of us are contemplating to take on such an advertisement!

E: We'll take one up then!

F: (laughs) Really, both of you are very humourous! I'm sure this drama will really be very interesting! But what our audience wish to know is that, Ella, we might know her very well, and feel less distant from her. We cannot deny that we know less of Jerry...

E: Less interaction with him hence do not know him as well.

F: Exactly, we are less familiar with him hence we would think of him as either the character in [The Hospital] or an <>, or even a <>...

E: "Light house" sounds so inauspicious.

F: No... I mean it just feels like he is like a superstar which one cannot get close to, always out of reach. Don't you feel that?

E: (speaks for J) Actually he likes to keep a low-profile.

F: Exactly.

E: And he is seldom involved in the scandalous news etc.

F: Hmm...

E: At most, it's just...

F: (teases E) Do you mean Lin Chiling's part?

E: (quickly) NO! NO! NO! I didn't say that!!!! (turns to J, quickly and frantically, exaggeratingly) I did not! I did not! I did not! (J pretends to walk away) Gong~~~

E to J to stop him from leaving: <>

All cheer.

F: Xu-ge, Xu-ge... Please let us (xu-wen) continue our question...

E: So naturally we returned to the centre of the studio again!

F: Let us continue our questions, right.

E: I am so nervous that my underarms are perspiring!

F: If we can "xu-bei" (top up our cup) while drinking coffee, we can "xu-wen" (continue to ask) when interviewing celebrities! But we are... Hosts like us, this is the first time in my life, I've been restricted on what questions to ask...

E: Really?

F: I feel so miserable, everybody!

J: Actually I feel that given Fei-ge's (status), you should ask.

F: Eh...

E: He's willing to speak.

F: Fei-ge is a real man in my heart.

Fans cheer.

F: (refers to his hand cards) <>

J: Therefore, I will leave you and Ella to the rest of the interview.

E: (holds onto J's hands) Where do you think you are going?

F: Xu-ge, Xu-ge... (J returns) Let's do it this way. Let's play this game of "Not Speaking the Heart's Will". When you feel that the answer is "yes", you have to say "yes" but your head must shake "no".

E: (gestures) Yes...... No....... (confused) Ehhh...

F: Ella is a girl? (turns head) Yes...

F: Alright... Jerry is a boy? Yes or no?

E: (shakes her head) Yes!

F: Now we are asking Mr Jerry Yan. (teases E by pronoucing hers wrongly) <>...

E: <>

F: Among S.H.E, Ella has the most number of romantic rumours? Yes or no?

J: (happily shakes his head) Yes!

E rolls her eyes.

F: See how fast he answered Yes, no conflict at all!

J: Yes.

F: (teases E) Wu Chun, Huang Zhi Wei (Jerry), Guo Yan Jun, Lan Zhen Long (Blue), Chen Chu He (Baron Chen), Chen Xi...

J: (helps E) No... This... I must...

E: (to F) You don't have to list all out!

J: I must help her clarify about this part lah.

F: You've to help...

J: Really...

F: How come our dear lady is like this?

E: (to J, worried laugh) Why do I feel that you are going to tease me further... Based on my understanding of you... (J laughs merrily, E pats his shoulder) You better do a good job!

J: Actually... relative to this, actually one can know just how charming she is, to have so many guys being rumoured romantically with her. (fans cheer) You see, just like us, we wanted to be in the selection but with no chance. <>

F: But maybe because you are already in the rumour-group but you have no inkling about it yet. Frankly speaking, this girl, when you wrap up filming and reach home in the evening, it is hard not to have flashback of her face in your mind.

J: (teases E) Definitely... <>

All laugh as E pretends to knock J with her mic.

E: Ahhhh!

F: Alright, I guess both of you must have a lot of cause-and-effect interactions while filming! Alright... Jerry does not like being asked about his relationship with lin Chiling? Yes or No?

(to be continued...)

~~ End of Clip 1/4 ~~

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