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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 3/4

Translation by Shyun_y@

CLIP 3/4
Date: 6/2/2010

Programme: Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 3/4

F = Zhang Fei aka Fei-ge

E = Ella

J = Jerry

< > = Words on Screen

Clip 3/4:
Credit: Uploader

F: The higher I go, the lonelier I get. Furthermore when playing mahjong, I especially like "Bai Ban".

E: Huh?

F: Recently, I'm really... <>

All laugh.

F: There goes all my luck in love!

G: Actually there will still be luck in love for you. You just have to pay more attention around to make them blossom.

F: So next time, when I play mahjong, I must specifically wait for "Hong Zhong" and "Fa Cai" instead!

G: Exactly!

F: Well said. Thank you very much for Teacher Gao Zu Ning! (to JE) So there are no other scheduled recording for the rest of today?

E: No. Should have no more for the rest of the day.

F: Then let's just stay for a little while more.

All laugh.

F: Test of Acting Skills. We are opening this up for all our fans!

All cheer.

F: But we have to draw the lucky fans as there is a limit to the numbers. Let's first take a look at a scene from this drama. Let's enjoy this, everyone.

~~ Restaurant Scene in DWL ~~

XYP: Miss...

YG: Ah, I'm sorry, I thought you need more time so I...

XYP: Can I start ordering?

YG: Of course, please do...

XYP: I want a grilled salmon and beef steak

YG: Grilled salmon and pork chop. Done.

XYP: Beef steak!

YG: I... What did I say?

XYP: Pork chop!

YG: I'm sorry, I'll have it changed immediately... Then may I know what would you like to drink?

XYP: Get me a cranberry juice.

YG: Err.. oh... how do I write cranberry (in Chinese)... Never mind. Alright, let me repeat your orders again. A grilled salmon. A pork chop and cranberry juice.

XYP: Beef steak!

~~ End of Restaurant Scene ~~

F: Just this scene only? I wish we could see more!

Fans: Yes!

F: Let's watch the re-enactment now! May we invite the two of you please... To re-enact the scene just now. (Let me have the board) Down With Love @ Big Brother Show - Pork Chop Scene. Camera.

J: (without mic) <>

F: Excuse me! The mic! Cut!

All laugh.

F: (to J who is laughing) Excuse me, big shot. I'm sorry, because our drama still requires you to hold onto the mic as you speak...

E: (teases J) You think you've fixed a mini-mic on you huh!

J: Sorry, sorry...

F: It's the fault of our production crew for missing out on the mini-mic... Please pardon us... Big shot, please forgive us...

J: (in Jap) I'm sorry

F: Pork Chop Scene Part 2.

J: (in Taiwan Mandarin) Miss~

F: <> Excuse me, what did he call you just now?

E: (in Taiwan Mandarin, mimics J) Miss~

F: How did he...

E: Accidentally his traditional accent came out!

F: Because with that, we would mistaken that <> You will be tired out before long and our audiences will be confused...

All laugh.

F: I'm so sorry, please bear with us. Our female lead, one more time ok.

E: (to J, teases him) Act properly! You are so strange? Your first time acting huh?

F: Pork Chop Bun... Ops... Pork Chop Scene Part 3... 4...

J: Miss... I want to place order for grilled beef steak...

E: Huh? <>

J: Cut!

F: Cut!

E: Why did you shout "Cut"?

F: (to E) Please, do you know how much we spend to hire him to film this?

E: (in adorable voice) I'm sorry, boss. Director, I'm sorry.

F: You've to make a real mistake. When he said "beef steak", you have to say "pork chop". You cannot say "beef steak" already then correct to "pork chop". That would mean you make a mistake on purpose.

E: Oh oh... I see, I see... So sorry...

F: Please...

E: My apologies, Director... (to J) Big Shot actor, my apologies...

F: Pork Chop Scene Part 5...

J: Miss, I wish to order a grilled beef steak, thank you.

E: Oh... Pork chop...

J: Miss...

E: Huh?

J: Just now I said grilled "n~i~u pai" (beef steak)!

All laugh.

E: What did I say just now?

J: Grilled beef steak lah!

E: No, I mean, what did I say just now? <>

All burst into laughter.

E: (teases J) Director, he didn't memories his lines. Director! (J and fans laughing away, while E pretends to be angry)

F: I'm so sorry... We spent a hefty sum to hire this [The Hospital] turning to [Down With Love] lead. Please. If you cannot hold your emotions, he will start to flare up soon. Ok.

E: He's from "Bai Se Ju Ta" (The Hospital), <>

All burst out laughing.

F: I'm so sorry... Please pardon us...

E: I am so angry... How many times are we filming this?

F: (to J) Her "Bai Se Dan Ta" (white egg tart) is not baked yet. It will turn golden yellow later after being baked. (lost) And what was the problem earlier?

J: Err... It's... (to fans behind) Sorry, I know...

All laugh.

E: (to fans) You guys are so playful!

F: The problem was...

J: She was asking me what she said earlier, but my reply was wrong...

E: Exactly!

F: So sorry, let's do another take.

E: This time, it will be a perfect take.

F: Pork Chop Scene Part 6!

J: Miss

E: Yes

J: I wish to order a grilled beef steak.

E: Ok, grilled pork chop.

J: Miss... I said grilled beef steak

E: What did I say?

J: Grilled pork chop

E: (gasps) Really?

J: (mimics E) <>

All laugh.

E: I'm so sorry. I'll have it corrected immediately! May I know what drinks would you like to have?

J: For the drink... Please get me an orange juice without ice, a freshly blended kiwi juice, then a red tea but not too concentrated... Then more soup...

E: <> (pretends to slam the menu on the table, J laughs)

F: My apologies, Big Shot Yan. Very seldom does anyone order <> at one go!

E: Exactly, what's up with you? Having invisible friends here?

F: We are unable to carry on filming with a table full of drinks! Big Shot Yan, please pardon us.

E: Director...

F: What should his rightful order be?

E: He's supposed to order Cranberry juice lah!

J: Orrrrhhh... Cranberry juice... (laughs) I'm so sorry...

F: The script wrote Cranberry juice?

E: Right, he has cleanly forgotten about it. You might as well forget me too~

All laugh.

F: (asks fans) It's really Cranberry juice? Even the fans remember it's Cranberry juice!

E: Right, Cranberry juice.

J: Sorry, sorry...

F: Alright, we have passed the Pork Chop part, now we will only start from the Cranberry juice part. Both your expressions have to be filled with suspense.

E: (to J) I'll continue from the pork chop part.... (acts) Sorry, I'll have it changed immediately... May I know what drinks would you like to have?

J: Errrr... What do you have to offer?

E: <> (throws the menu)

All laugh.

F: Eh... eh... (to E) This actress, sometimes, let's just allow him to add his own lines. It's alright. Just let him be. If he ask what you offer, just give him some answers, alright?

E: OK! So tough! (acts) May I know what drinks would you like to have?

J: Errrrrrrrr.... Give me a "man yue mei zhi" (Cranberry juice)...

E: <> Man~~ man~~

J: Miss, <>

E: No, my back is just a little sore. I'm sorry, am just doing some physio exercises... How do I write "man"... Oh nevermind...

J: M~ u~an, man lah!

E: Are you sure?

Fans, FE: (corrects J) M~a~n, man!

F: <>

All laugh and applause.

F: I'm sorry, big shot, but you are teaching my children the pin-yin wrongly. M~u~an, is there such a word?! Everyone, teach him how it should be!

All: M~a~n! Man!

E: Director, I am so tired, I want to rest.

F: Really?

E: <>

F: I'm so sorry...

E: I don't want to act...

F: (to J) Can we find another actress? Because our actress was driven mad by you. (to E) Ok, so you choose your substitute!

E: There is someone dressed as a maid in the studio!

Fans all cheer.

F: So you want to find that girl!

Fan: Sir, may I have your order please?

J: Errr... <>

All burst out laughing.

F: <> (to J) It is not your fault, not your fault... (to E) Ella, this is the fan you've handpicked.

E: Yes, because I thought she looked really suited for the waitress role in her maid costume today.

F: She's not suitable... Her expression is like... (exaggerates)... She is already so excited, how can she act?

E: (to fan, let her clarify) Explain yourself why are you dressed like this?

Fan: Because Ella has a scene whereby she dresses up as a maid in [DWL].

E: She's really very attentive to all the details.

F: I mistaken she would even go to school like this...

E: Really? (to fan) Then your friends would probably isolate you...

All laugh.

F: Come, camera!

Fan: Sir, may I take your order please?

J: Give me a grilled beef steak.

Fan: Oh, grilled pork chop.

J: Miss, I said beef steak...

Fan: Huh? What did I say?

J: You said pork chop...

Fan: (stares at J, pretends to say coolly) Did I?

J: (speechless)....

All burst into laughter.

E: (refers to fan, laughs) She's so haughty!

F: Brilliant! This scene is ok! Good work! Good work! She's better than Ella!

E: She is really cool! Very good!

F: Now, let's get a guy!

E: Let's get a guy to act as Jerry now!

F: Jerry shall pick the guy?

J: (to E) But didn't you wish to pick this... this guy?

E: This one should be ok... He's nearer to us...

F: Camera!

E: (in adorable voice) Sir, may I know your orders please?

Fan: (in adorable voice) May I have a grilled beef steak?

All burst out laughing, applausing and Ella threw the menu down. Fan laughs playfully.

E: I don't feel comfortable.

F: Uncomfortable.

E: We have our rights working here too! Why must you use such a voice to make me feel uncomfortable?

F: (to Fan) You have to imitate Jerry's sexy and mellow voice.

E: Be man!

F: Camera!

E: Sir, may I take your order please?

Fan: (<>) Give me a grilled beef steak.

All laugh.

E: His brows are really active!

F: What is "tan~ kao" (grilled)...

E: (mimics Fan) "Tan~ kao"...

F: He has an Australian accent.

E: (playfully) Australian accent.... (mimics) Alright... your order is "tan~ kao" pork chop... (all laugh)

Fan: I said (raise his brows again)... beef steak...

E: What did I say?

Fan: You said pork chop...

E: I'm sorry... I'll have it changed immediately... I'm so sorry... May I know what drinks you would like?

Fan: Hmmm... (forgot the full name)... "man yue~~ guo zhi"

All laugh.

Fan: Man yue mei zhi... I've not drank it for some time, so I can't recall the name...

J: (playfully) Which "man" is that?

E: (prompts) M~...

Fan: M~a~n~~ man...

F: <> (to Fan, teases J) Didn't you watch the front part? It's M~u~an! Man!


F: Alright! Let's give a round of applause to our Australian friend! Now, do we have any Japanese friends? (to Fan) Please this way... We'll let the director demonstrate once for you...

(to be continued...)

~~ End of Clip 3/4 ~~

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