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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 4/4

Translation by Shyun_y@

CLIP 4/4
Date: 6/2/2010

Programme: Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 4/4

F = Zhang Fei aka Fei-ge

E = Ella

J = Jerry

G = Gao Zu Ning

< > = Words on Screen

Clip 4/4:

Credit: Uploader

F: Now, do we have any Japanese friends? (to Fan) Please this way... (to J) As Director, I will demonstrate once for you. So you will take charge of the board!

J: (in Jap to Fan) This… He will be acting as Jerry-san.

E: (echoes J, refers to F) Jerry-san… (Fan laughs, realizing F playing as J)

F: I am now acting as Jerry-san!

All laugh.

E: (reassures Fan) It’s alright, it’s alright… Please (carry on)… Please… (helps Fan) Mic…

J: Please take the mic…

F: (in dialect) Mo dian ah yo! (all laugh)

<> but sounds like “to take the mic” in Jap)

F: (in dialect) Has the mic run out of battery? We need to change if “mo dian”

E: (catches F’s joke, playfully taps the mic) No battery??

J: It means to “take”…

F: Oh, to take is “mo dian” ah?

E: Ah, and all of us thought it ran out of battery!

J: Ok, the… [DWL] – Ju-pai (Cantonese for pork chop) Scene!

All laugh and J clamped his finger with the board.


F: (laughs) What are you saying… You clamped your finger?! What language are you talking? You have to move your finger away~~

J: So painful!

F: I’ve to speak Japanese now…

J: Yes…

Fan: (to E) What happened?

E: (reassuringly) No problem, no problem…

F: (in Jap, to Fan) You are very pretty…

All laugh and cheer.

Fan: Thank you.

F: I… I like you very much.

All laugh.

E: (to F) Don’t you think I don’t understand you, you are wooing girls here!

F: No, no… I… I… His original lines are so hard… Let me use up all that I know…

E: She wants to shake your hand… (F shakes hand with Fan)

F: That………..

E: (teases F) He’s running out of words…

F: (to J) What should I say?

All laugh.

J: You wish to place an order.

F: (semi-Jap-semi-Taiwanese) Wa-ta-shi-wa “dian dong xi” (order food) ne~!

All laugh.


F: (in Jap) May I know your name, please?

Fan: Mizuko

F: Mizuko

J: Mizuko

F: Good… good…

All laugh at awkwardness.

E: (to F) Why do you feel so weird?

F: Exactly how come I ended up feeling like a lecher?

E: Right!

F: It doesn’t feel right. (to J) You better take over… Come… You’ve to speak the proper way…

E: (reassures Fan, who is probably nervous) It’s alright, no problem.

J: (in Jap) Ah… Pardon me… (all laugh at the awkward silence)…

F: Eh… Am I right? You face the same problem as me too, right?!

J: What is pork chop in Japanese?

E: No, it’s not pork chop, it’s beef steak!

F: Beef steak!

J: (in Jap) Oh yes… Steak, steak… Please give me a serving of steak…

Fan: (in Jap) What did you say?

J: (in Jap) What did I say? Can we take a rest now?

All laugh.

F: Weyyy~ I understand this statement!

E: Me too! It doesn’t sound right~

F: Why are you asking to rest? How did we end up going to rest suddenly?

J: (translates for Fan) She said she doesn’t understand Chinese.

F: All of us know that.

All laugh.

F: You have to ask her next what drinks or juice, right?

J: (in Jap) What fruit juice do you have?

Fan: (in Jap) Orange juice…

E: She must’ve sold that before… (all laugh)

J: (in Jap) Thank you…

All laugh.

F: There’s still thank you huh? Then what else, what juices does the restaurant serve?

J: She said orange juice.

F: Orange juice, tomato juice…

Fan: (in Jap) Mango juice…

F: Mango juice!

E: <> (all laugh) She is really very serious in promoting the juices. She is so adorable!

Fan: (in Jap) Apple juice.

E: Here’s one more for selection, apple juice.

F: So I see… Ask her how much does it cost?

J: (in Jap) How much does the apple juice cost?

Fan: (in Jap) $30

J: (in Jap) $30? Yasui~

FE: What does Yasui means?

J: She said it costs $30, which is very cheap.

F: Oh, very cheap. Yasui~ Then what about orange juice?

Fan: (in Jap) Orange juice is also $30.

E: (translate to Chinese) Orange juice is also $30.

Fan: (in Jap) Which would you like to order?

J: <>

All burst out laughing.

E: (to J) You are too much!

F: Man yue mei is really hard to say… If you haven’t learn it, you won’t know… (to Fan, in Jap) Do you know what is “man yue mei zhi”?

E: Cranberry…

F: Cranberry juice…

J: (in Jap to F) You are really good!

F: (in Jap) I am half-Japanese-half-Chinese…

J: (in Jap) Really?

F: Yes… (laughs) I have mixed parentage. “Zhong-Ri-Hun-Xue” (half-Japanese-half-Chinese)…

E: Oh… Really?

F: < “Zhong” Li mixed with “Ri” Yue Tan >

(Zhong Li and Ri Yue Tan are places in Taiwan)

All laugh and applause.

F: No lah! Alright, let’s give a round of applause to our friend from Japan. Thank you… Thank you…

Fan shakes hand with JE.

F: Alright, our acting will stop here for today. Let’s give a round of applause for our celebrities too. With this new serial going to air on our CTV, based on their chemistry during the show today and their approachability, I’m sure many would discover a new side to Jerry we never knew. Am I right?

Fans: Yes!

F: Everyone must stay tuned to watch this drama. And I wish that the ratings will soar all the way!

JE: Thank you!

F: Thank you to Jerry and Ella!!

~~ End of Translation 4/4 ~~

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