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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ella’s Kneeling Scene Receives High Viewership Ratings, Netizens Look Forward to Her “Laying Egg”

Date: 9/2/2010


Ella’s Kneeling Scene Receives High Viewership Ratings, Netizens Look Forward to Her “Laying Egg”

With Jerry Yan and Ella as the male cast of CTV and GTV’s [Down With Love], the average viewership rating of the serial’s 2nd episode soared to 3.37. Ella’s 2nd kneeling scene actually yielded a high viewership rating of 6.13. According to the statistics, this would mean almost a 1,400,000-sized audience! Ella’s successful “kneeling” and Jerry’s good performance in the serial, in the recent Yahoo! online poll – for “Who is your favourite idol with good acting”, Jerry won (53154 votes) over Vanness (44544 votes) to become the Number 1 idol with good acting performance. Meanwhile fellow member of F4, Vic Zhou, was at 3rd place.

Debuts on GTV, Champion on Cabled Television

[DWL] has received good results for its viewership ratings. During CTV’s telecast on 7 Feb 2010, the average ratings rose to 3.37. During the 1st episode, when Ella and her elder sister, Xiao Xian knelt down, the ratings rose; and yesterday, when Ella knelt before Jerry once again to seek forgiveness for breaking his favourite sculpture, David, the rating for that minute actually exceeded 6. Even when GTV showed the repeat telecast of [DWL]’s 1st episode the evening before, its viewership rating of 1.69 clinched the champion spot for [Cabled Television] then. Hearing the news, Jerry and Ella were very happy. Currently in Japan, Jerry shared via his manager, “Thank you to everyone for their support.”

Viewership Ratings Exceeded 3, Happily Pledges Donation of NT$100,000 to Charity

Ella was busy at work yesterday. When she learnt of the viewership ratings has exceeded 3, she shared suavely via her record company that she will pledge a donation of NT$100,000 to The Child Welfare League Foundation. She also added she will “donate another NT$100,000 if the average ratings exceed 5, and pledge another NT$100,000 if the average ratings exceed 7.” In [DWL], Ella’s role is a nanny. She felt that young children need a lot of care and concern to grow up happily. She hopes that every adult can give their love and patience to create an environment for young children to grow up healthily.

Addicted to PING-GUO, Wishes for Reunion on [Here Comes KangXi]

Most of all many netizens were jokingly looking forward to Ella’s “promise” last week, “If the average viewership ratings exceed 10, I can even lay an egg!” A lot of netizens claimed, “Everyone has turned into Snow White, to be totally addicted to PING-GUO (Xiang Yu PING and Yang GUO, Jerry and Ella’s character names), and waiting for Lawyer Xiang to awake us with a kiss.” There are also many others who wish for the “Ping-Guo couple” to quickly reunite and go onto [Here Comes KangXi] for filming.

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