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My first time to see Jerry Yan at NBC Tent for Bench endorsement. I ask my brother Azrael to cover the event. His first experience in vlogging! I'll write a blog post about this memorable-chaotic-unforgettable experience!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 2/4

Translation by Shyun_y@

CLIP 2/4
Date: 6/2/2010

Programme: Jerry & Ella @ Big Brother Show for [Down With Love] - Part 2/4

F = Zhang Fei aka Fei-ge

E = Ella

J = Jerry

< > = Words on Screen

Clip 2/4:
Credit: Uploader

F: Jerry does not like being asked about his relationship with Lin Chiling? Yes or No?

E: (gasps, tried to catch a glimpse of J on the side) Ye-----ss??? (quickly turns to watch J)

J: No lah...

F: Why? From we understand, Lin's first rumoured boyfriend was actually Jerry. That is why everyone is very concerned about his feelings. In turn, many would then ask why haven't you taken the opportunity to treasure the relationship then? Or for what reasons did you both...

E: <>

All cheer and applause.

F: (acts innocent) Huh? But he's the one who extended the invitation to ask earlier.

J: No lah... Actually... She once said she prefers hairier man. (gestures to F)

F: For real? Aiyo~ So does that mean the end of your answer?

E: (quickly) Yes, it's done. Next question please.

F: In the end, it ended up I've been fired shut. Certain magazine stated that Zhang Fei (himself) is a very fussy person. (to crew) This question?

E: There's such a question?

F: Is it yes or no?

E: Of course...

JE: (together) NO!

F: Really? You both are really nice to me. Are you sure? Because this is only meant to be a leading question.

E: There's more?

F: Because the next question is... Is Jerry even fussier than Zhang Fei?

E: (laughs) I suspect this question is your own imagination!

F: (shows E his card) It's really there...

E: It's really here...

F: I thought you all would answer "Yes" for the 1st question... I never expected you both to be so supportive of me.

E: No, no, he's not...

J: (nods) No...

F: Meaning to say... For someone like Jerry... (to E) Unlike you, who is closer to many of us in the variety programmes, so for Jerry, we might not know his expectations for certain things. His expectations could be right.

E: I feel that even if he is "fussy", it is not to others around him, rather, just to himself only.

F: To himself?

J: Just like for instance, oh, I wish to also take the chance to say thank you to Ella. Because sometimes while filming, I would have my moods and I would speak up very directly. For many who wish to gossip by the side, they can easily categorise me as "fussy" or anything. But whereas Ella, she really understands me that I am really only hoping that I can do things better. She will be very understanding to me. Actually I really feel that I want to say a big thanks to her.

F: Ahhhhh~~~

All applause.

E: (playfully and starts twisting again) He is making his love confession again!!!!

All laugh.

J: I am really serious.

E: He is making his confession daily! So annoying~~

F: Eh, he is just saying that he shares a good relationship interacting with you, ok.

E: (comically) Oh it's not a love confession huh?

F: Can you not keep thinking it is a love confession?

E: Something's wrong with my mind!

F: <>

All burst out laughing.

F: But would we already have known the character of our male and female leads for [DWL]? Actually not... Perhaps all could be a facade, right?

Fans & E: Ehhhhh???? Orrrrrrrr?????

J: I really find Fei-ge very adorable today! (all laugh) Last time when I watched him on TV, it's like when you are up-close with another... eh... <> (all laugh) I mean to say being so close to Fei-ge, I really find him very adorable!

E: Fei-ge has always been a very humourous person.

F: When someone teases him like this, he would still say I'm adorable. Why do I feel that there are set-ups and traps all around?!

E: (to F) You are so bad!

J: (to F) <>

F: So now, we will invite someone who can really look into a person's character to do a psychological test for us. Then we can know how Jerry's inner thoughts and his real personality, shall we... Let us introduce our Teacher Gao Zu Ning.

G: Hello everybody. Our psychological test today is to look at their subconscious personalities in Love.

VO: The most accurate Love psychological test to look into your yearning for love. We'll return shortly after the break. <>. The usually quiet Jerry Yan will showcase his eloquence today. (Sneak preview of what's to come)

F: Here's our Teacher Gao Zu Ning.

G: Hello everybody.

F: (to JE) Do you all know how to play "Boy-Girl Pairing"? (fist guessing game)

E: Yes.

F: Ever played this when you were young?

J: Yes.

E: I love this game when I was young.

F: Really?

E: Yes. Because its the simplest (laughs)

F: Can they play this one then?

G: Of course.

F: And you can tell just by that?

G: Yes, and you have to do it seriously and we will be able to know what you are thinking of subconsciously.

F: Please hold your mic in your left hand.

JE plays the game.

F: She lost twice consecutively?

J: Once.

F: (to E) So you lost once. Another round.

JE plays game again. E cheers when J lose at the first guessing.

E: One all.

GF: One all.

F: You have to concentrate.

E: Ok.

JE plays game again.

E: I lost twice already!

G: Our test is to find out what are their subconscious personalities in Love. Ok, just now when watching them both. Jerry's first reaction was to turn his head towards the left. For this kind of persons, their inner heart is like that of a little rabbit.

E: (points to J, gleefully) Little rabbit! Really!

F: You mean he has ventured into the jungle by mistake?

G: Which means they are very adorable and childlike. Thus, when he meet someone he likes, it could be love at first sight. He would feel that "this type of feeling is just right" for the one he love, and he will follow his heart.

F: Aiyo~~ So you based that on his first reaction?

G: His first reaction.

F: So he turned left then.

G: Yes.

F: What about Ella just now? Did you catch hers?

G: We saw that too. She also instinctively turned to the left as well.

F: Aiya~ Another little rabbit!

G: So we have 2 little rabbits here!

E playfully and shyly leans against J's shoulder and everyone cheer.

G: Both of them are extremely adorable! For the rest, if you turned to the right first, the personality would be like a Peacock. It is very hard for this type to experience love at first sight because he would want others to fall for him first. Then he would slowly choose his pick from there. If one looked up first, this type of personality will be like the Goose. They would be the "Silly Goose" and luckily none of us chose that. Because they would have a tendency to express their feelings to the wrong persons.

F: What about those who instinctively looked down?

G: Those would be the "Cow". This category of persons would have the traits of a Cow. Because they are so packed and busy, they can only experience love at first sight when they are free.

E: See, we are all so busy, we have no time for romance. (pout)

G: Really.

F: Do you all know how to play mahjong? You play occasionally?

J: Occasionally.

F: If not, you can go online to play lately.

E: You are endorsing online right?

All laugh.

F: (excited) I must really give you both a good lesson. If you are just waiting for that last tile to game, and you have a choice of 3 tiles to "dan diao", which would you choose out of " Hong Zhong" (red), "Fa Cai" (green) or "Bai Ban" (blue)? Which would you choose, Ella, take your pick first.

E: Hong Zhong

F: Jerry?

J: What is "dan diao"?

All burst out laughing.

E: (teases J, playing with the sounds of the Chinese words) "Dan diao" can means sometimes your life is very lonely and boring...

F: No, no... He is really too much... When I asked if he plays mahjong, he said occasionally...

E: (playfully) Are you lying?

J: No, I really don't know the term "dan diao". I know how to play and arrange the tiles... I'm not sure...

E: (helps J) Let me explain to him then. "Dan diao" means you are ready to win with just lacking of that one tile to game. For instance, a set of mahjong has 4 pieces of "Hong Zhong" and 2 has been revealed, and you have 1 with you and you only need 1 more to win. So if you managed to get that tile yourself, it means "dan diao", your points will be higher and you can win more money. Do you catch it?

J: Right.

E: (to F) Am I right?

F: You tell him win lots of money, what if he gives up acting for it in future? We are doomed! (All laugh) He'll end up earning big money through mahjong instead.

J: I'm sorry... So next time I have to go online more often to play...

E: Right... (everyone cheer)

F: So which tile would you want to pick?

J: Errr....

F: (to the rest) All of you can't affect his decision! I even hear people speaking in Cantonese "Fa Cai, Fa Cai"...

J: Eh, I thought "Fa Cai" seems like a good tile.

G: Right, Fa, sounds just like earning big money and prosperity.

F: So your choice is "Fa Cai". (to Hong Kong fans) "Fa Cai" right? You all like? Even our Hong Kong fans love it. "Fa Cai"!

G: Right, "Fa Cai", "Fa Cai".

F: While Ella's choice is "Hong Zhong", Jerry's choice is "Fa Cai".

G: Right.

F: This question is really finding out about your luck in Love this year. Ella's choice...

G: "Hong Zhong". If viewers also choose "Hong Zhong", your luck in Love this year will be blossoming and very plentiful too! (all cheer) And for this type, not only it is luck blossoming in the right sense, but also be careful that you might end up attracting the ones with dubious motives too!

F: Aiyo~

E: For this part, I've always been well aware. Since young, I've been attracting both categories!

All laugh.

G: You would accidentally "leak" your electrifying charms to the wrong persons. You have to be a little careful to some people.

F: Very accurate.

G: Meanwhile for Jerry, "Fa Cai". For this type, the luck in Love will be even more in bloom. (fans cheer) Other than the good luck in Love, he would also experience the "yang tao hua" (good luck from overseas).

F: Do you mean "yang tao zhi" (starfuit juice) or "yang tao hua" (good luck from overseas)?

G: "Tang tao hua"

F: So you see, indeed, the fans from overseas. Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc... So teacher, I have to ask, I've been wanting to choose the "Bai Ban" just now.

G: Oh that...

F: So what will happen to those who choose "Bai Ban"?

G: So if audiences choose the same tile as Fei-ge, your luck is still ok.

F: Will we meet with the "Bai Hu" (White Tiger which means bad luck).

All laugh.

G: Actually this group, your luck in Love is ok. But once in a while, you would prefer to be alone, for instance, go fishing alone...

F: This is really accurate...

G: So when you are alone, the luck will be lost. Even the potential good luck in Love will wither.

J: Fei-ge, are you often alone?

F: I am often alone. See, even while riding my bike, I am alone on the road. When I go sailing, I am alone at sea. When I'm on the plane, I am alone in the air. The higher I go, the more lonely I get. Furthermore when playing mahjong, I especially like "Bai Ban".

(to be continued...)

~~ End of Clip 2/4 ~~

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